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Larry Dierker will no longer be with the club and that’s too bad.  The club has every right to pick and choose who they want in the announcers’ booth, on the field, in the dugout, in the clubhouse, and in the front office. 

Dierk had a few choice things to tell the Chron about his decision not to stick around:

"There is a certain amount of bitterness. You invest 48 years in a market, and you see everything being destroyed and you can’t do anything about it."

This is how he described management’s approach:

"cold, calculating and humorless."

This is how team CEO George Postolos responded:

"We raised Larry’s salary in 2012, and we offered to raise him again in 2013 and expand his role to include pre- and postgame analysis on CSN. He wanted a different job, but we determined he was not the right fit for the job he wanted. That made him unhappy.

"Larry was complimentary of the direction of the franchise until he didn’t get the job he wanted. His remarks today are sour grapes. We regret his bitterness but still wish him well."

George’s remarks were totally unnecessary.  George should have kept his piehole shut.  In case you haven’t notice, George, Dierk’s numero 49 is hanging up there above the right field bleachers alongside the likes of B-G-O, Baggy, Cruuuuuuuz, Nolan, and Jackie Robinson.  He’s also taken us to the playoffs and pitched in a ton of games.  He owns the club pitching record for most seasons pitched, most starts, most complete games, most shutouts, and most innings pitches.  There are a whole lot of ‘Stros fans that think highly of and respect Dierk.  I’m one of them!

Back in 2007 when the team wasn’t doing so hot, there was pregame ceremony honoring Baggy and then GM Tim Purpura was introduced and he was booed by the fans.  I’m thinking if George is introduced anytime soon at a pregame ceremony, he’d probably get booed.

A lot of us ticket holders are trying to be patient with the team moves and the very low payroll that has many baseball experts predicting another 100 plus loss season.  Don’t disrespect us by disrespecting one of the most popular Astros of all time.

Speaking of, how many shutouts did Dierk pitch as a ‘Stro?

MLB returns to The Yard Friday evening as we host the Cubbies.  Welcome back to H-Town JD!

Today’s header is correct – we are opening weak and it doesn’t have to be that way.  Yesterday’s Chron sports section has a half page ad selling tickets to Opening Day – Opening Day?  They should already be sold out.  It should be SRO by now.

Super Agent Scott Boras is piling on the ‘Stros.  Here is from Chron.com:

Scott Boras picked up where Peter Gammons and other national baseball writers left off.

The super-agent for MLB stars such as Prince Fielder, Robinson Cano and Michael Bourn told USA Today the Astros are intentionally trying to lose in an effort to draft as high as possible and have the largest available financial pool.

In an article about in-limbo free-agent pitcher Kyle Lohse, Boras linked the rebuilding Astros — whose payroll could be below $25 million on opening day — with the stripped-down Miami Marlins.

“The integrity of the game has been compromised,” Boras said. “What baseball has done, it has created a dynamic where draft dollars are affecting the major leaguers. Teams are constructing clubs to be non-competitive, like Houston and Miami, so they can position themselves where they can get more draft dollars. Clubs are trying to finish last to create more draft dollars. And this dramatically affects the wild-card and major-league standings.”

He added: “The integrity of the game is very damaged by this system. Draft dollars is the latest currency for GMs. And the best way to earn draft dollars is to sabotage your major-league team and finish last.”

The Astros lost 213 combined games the last two years. The club had the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 amateur draft and will again select first this season.

Let’s see, J.D. Martinez who is on the ticket for this Saturday’s game versus the Cubbies has been sent to our Triple A club. 

Our starting shortstop may be Ronny Cedeno.  Check this:

Cedeno, 30, was recently released by St. Louis. He’s a career .247 hitter with a .647 on-base plus slugging percentage. Cedeno has never hit more than 10 home runs in a season, isn’t a defensive standout and has only once recorded more than 500 at-bats.

Oh, well!  Can it get any worse?  We’re not building a roster. We’re just putting folks in uniforms.

Dierk has the club record with 25 ‘Stro shutouts of course.

My Brown Eye Girl reminded me the other day that all my ‘Stros gear is now retro.  I don’t have any of the new gear.


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