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Here is from an article that says new polling shows rank and file GOPers support a path to citizenship:

Nearly two-thirds of Americans favor giving undocumented immigrants in the country an opportunity for legal status with a path to citizenship, according to a poll published Thursday by the Public Religion Research Institute and the Brookings Institution.

Support for an earned path to citizenship for those immigrants came from 71 percent of Democrats and also a majority, 53 percent, of Republicans, the poll found.

The option that drew the least support in the poll was legal residency for undocumented immigrants with no path to citizenship; only 14 percent of Americans favored that approach.

Here is the article.

The GOP leadership needs to step up on this.  I doubt we will see any leaders from Texas step up.  Stay tuned!

Yesterday Commentary mentioned the last regular season MLB game held at the Dome on Sunday, October 3, 1999 versus the Dodgers.  Name the starting pitcher for the ‘Stros that afternoon?

The debate on the Dome is heating up a bit.  Here is from the Chron today:

Harris County officials on Thursday disputed an estimate released this week showing it would cost $29 million to implode the vacant Reliant Astrodome and build a 1,600-space parking lot in two and a half years.

The figure, calculated by local firms Linbeck Construction and Walter P. Moore and Associates after a three-month study commissioned by the Houston Texans and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, is less than half the estimated price tag released last year by consultants hired by the Harris County Sports and Convention Corp., the county agency that runs Reliant Park.


Linbeck Vice President John Go said the firms stand by the findings of the study and the price tag.

"The Houston Texans and the Rodeo asked us to develop a methodology and a report that will stand up against questions because they knew that someone might question it," Go said, noting that Walter P. Moore was the structural engineer when the stadium was built in the mid-1960s and again when it was expanded in 1989.

Go said they consulted more than a half dozen local companies and specialty subcontractors, including for asbestos removal, demolition and filling the more than 30-foot-deep hole that would be left after razing the structure.

The County sent out my friend Edgar Colon to challenge the Rodeo and Texans.  Here is from the Houston Press:

But on Thursday afternoon Harris County Sports Convention Corporation chairman Edgar Colon said that the Dome wasn’t the only thing hindering a bowl bid.

What those other things were he didn’t specify. What could that be? A hulking mass of steel and concrete smack in the middle of the complex isn’t the only thing?

Speaking amongst dusty left field-line seats, he took questions about the $29 million figure, which he seemed to have pushed up to $40 million during the press conference, confusing most of us.

Here is the entire Press piece.

It looks like the Texans and Rodeo are stepping things up. Good for them and for us.  I have nothing but respect for Edgar and sending him out was a good first step, but if the county wants to resist for now, Edgar is going to need some help.  He can’t do it alone.

Edgar mentions that something else may be hindering a bowl bid.  He needs to let us know what it is. 

I like where this is heading. I’m still waiting to see if any elected officials side up with the Rodeo and Texans.  In a Rodeo/Texans versus the County match-up, I’ll bet on the Rodeo/Texans. 

Mike Hampton of course started the last regular season game for the ‘Stros at the Dome back in 1999.

The Skipper announced that Brett Wallace would bat second against righties for now. 


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