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The last couple of days some folks in these parts have been debating what to do with the Dome.  The Rodeo and Texans have all but endorsed tearing it down when they released a report a couple of days ago on demolition costs.   Heck, the old Oilers endorsed tearing it down back in 1996 when they split town.  When we passed the referendum to build The Yard in 1996 and the authority to build Reliant what did we think was going to happen with the Dome? 

Now the NFL Commissioner is either dangling a carrot in front of us or holding a gun to our head by saying that we could get Super Bowl 51 if we add another 2,500 parking spaces.  Do the deal!  Here is from Chron.com:

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t want to get involved in the controversy involving the Astrodome, but he does think an additional 2,500 parking spaces would help Houston’s bid to get Super Bowl LI.

At his last news conference to close the NFL meetings, Goodell was asked about the most recent study commissioned by Texans owner Bob McNair and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Results that were disclosed Tuesday show the Astrodome could be demolished and replaced with 2,500 parking spaces for $29 million and change.

“That issue is for the community to decide, but I think having an extra 2,500 parking spaces would enhance Houston’s bid,” Goodell said.

Houston is a finalist for Super Bowl LI to be played in 2017. The competition will be San Francisco or South Florida, the loser of the bid to get Super Bowl L.

I don’t think a single elected official in the H-Town area has come out in support of tearing the Dome down.   Hunker Down and others continue to wring their mitts.  I really don’t think an elected official jeopardizes their chances of reelection by joining forces with the Rodeo, Texans, Commissioner Goodell, and Commentary.  I don’t think your campaign money evaporates if you support Dome demolition.

I’ll make a deal.  If an elected official comes out and takes a leadership role in support of Dome demolition, I’ll nominate them for one of those “Profiles in Courage Awards” that are handed out by the Kennedy Library.  Stay tuned!

Speaking of the Dome, everyone knows that our last regular season game was played on Sunday, October 3, 1999 against the Dodgers and the ‘Stros won 9-4 and there was only one dinger smacked.  Name the player to hit the last regular season dinger ever at the Dome? 

Marfreless is closing – aww!  I think I went there once over 20 years ago just to see what was happening there.  It was too dark to see anything but you could hear stuff if you know what I mean.

Check out the Chron story here.

Don’t worry.  It is looking for another location!

My tickets arrived yesterday and the only players featured are Jose Altuve, Lucas Harrell, and J.D. Martinez.  It is interesting that they featured Martinez since we still don’t know if he will be a starter on Opening Day.  Also included are my program coupons, a couple of coupons to Whataburger, a xfinity promo, a discount to a jeweler, promo from an energy company, promo for a credit card, and a schedule.

In reviewing the schedule the most brutal home stand is in May when we host the Tigers for four and the Angels and Rangers for three each.  The most brutal roadie appears to be in April when we visit Fenway for three then to Yankee Stadium for three.  Along with the four games with the Tigers, we have four game homies with the White Sox in June, Rays in July, Rangers in August, and Mariners in August/September.

The first NL club we face on the road are the Bucs in May.  The first NL club we host are the Rockies on Memorial Day.   We close out the season at home against the Yankees.  Oh yeah, the slogan this year looks like “It’s A Whole New Ballgame” since we’re now in the DH business full time.

Ken Caminiti of course had a solo blast in the bottom of the third back in 1999 – the last dinger ever hit in the regular season at the Dome.

Bud Norris will be the Opening Day starting pitcher and he’s not on a ticket. 


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