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I guess Guv Dude still has his eye on 2016.  He went to CPAC 13 yesterday and continued with his right wing rant outrageries.  The Chron gave it front page coverage in the hard copy.  Here is a taste:

Sounding very much like a presidential candidate, Gov. Rick Perry told the Conservative Political Action Conference meeting outside Washington that the Obama administration was engaging in “bribery” by offering states substantial sums to expand Medicaid to low-income adults.


Perry criticized fellow Republican governors who have agreed to Medicaid expansion, decrying “allies in the conservative movement who folded in the face of federal bribery.”

While some in the GOP are trying to figure out how to expand their base, Dude is set on a course of pandering.  Stay tuned.

Here is the entire piece on Dude’s rant.

How many MLB Hall of Fame greats have been in a ‘Stros Opening Day starting line-up?

Here is what Burkablog said about Dude and Medicaid politics:

Rick Perry has now maneuvered himself into a position where CEOs from every major employer in the state, and their lobbyists, will be on his doorstep. The state’s hospitals, nursing homes, and health care providers are next in line. This is just another case of how Perry’s ideological blinders have damaged this state for the past thirteen years.

Mitt Romney will finally come out of hiding and address CPAC 13 today.

The sad thing about Texas GOP leaders and Medicaid politics is that they don’t want to be part of Obamacare but they want the money.

Hall of Fame greats Nellie Fox, Joe Morgan, Robin Roberts, and Nolan Ryan of course have been ‘Stros Opening Day starters.

I have no idea what the Opening Day line-up will look like. 


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