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Today I’ll talk about bins and not Ben.  This is in today’s Chron.com:

The city of Houston has been selected as one of five winners of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge, a competition designed to spur innovation in America’s cities.

Houston won a runner-up prize of $1 million with its proposal "One Bin for All" to allow residents to mix trash, recyclables and lawn waste in a single bin ready for automatic sorting.

Oh yeah!  Don’t brag about that in my hood because we don’t have the green bins.  I still have to go over behind Star Pizza to drop off recyclables if you know what I mean.

Here is the rest of the Chron story.

Name the only two former ‘Stros that have been in the Opening Day lineup in all three outfield positions?

George P. Bush says he’s running for Land Commissioner.  Now let’s see if he can attract more Latinos into the GOP.  Let’s see what he has to say on the issues.

Does anybody really care about the World Baseball Classic?  The USA played Puerto Rico yesterday in Miami.  The other day Mexico and Canada had a bench clearing brawl.  Maybe if they played a game or two at The Yard I might take an interest.

Jimmy Wynn and Richard Hidalgo of course are the only ‘Stros that have been Opening Day starter at all three outfield positions.

As of today the club has yet to announce our Opening Day starting pitcher. 


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