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Kuffer said this on Friday about Ben Hall:

Finally, and maybe this is just my own personal axe to grind, Ben Hall himself is not a resident and taxpayer in the city of Houston. Yes, he is now registered to vote here, but everyone knows the “residence” one lists for voter registration purposes is just a polite fiction. The house Ben Hall has lived in for the past 20 or so years is in Piney Point. He doesn’t pay city of Houston property taxes. Maybe no one else cares about this, but it bugs me. You want to have a say in the governance of our city, you need to be an actual resident of our city. Sorry, but I’m not going to let this go any time soon.

I ran into Ben yesterday and we chatted a bit.  I asked him about the residency issue and he told me that he lives on Little John in H-Town.   He even invited me over to check out his digs.  According to HCAD it is a nice pad and worth a ton of dough so he pays a lot more city taxes than Commentary and probably Kuffer.   I’m taking him up on his invite to visit his crib.

My good friends Darcy and Pat are on the Ben Hall campaign staff.  Darcy is running the office and Pat is raising money.  The Hall campaign headquarters is near the old Houston Post office on the SW Freeway.

I’m thinking that Ben will have the dough to run a credible campaign.  If he can’t garner what he needs, he probably will put in some of his own.  Nice if you got it!

Everybody knows that Mickey Mantle hit the first Dome dinger in an exhibition game against the ‘Stros on Opening Day back on April 9, 1965.  Who served up the dinger to Mantle?

Brownie and ‘Stro employee Miike Acosta have a new book out titled:

"Deep in the Heart: Blazing a Trail from Expansion to the World Series," a 192-page blue-and-orange trip down memory lane that’s a must-have for anyone who grew up cheering for the Astros.

From the expansion Colt .45s in 1962 to the present-day Astros under the ownership of Jim Crane, "Deep in the Heart" takes fans back in time to relive some of the franchise’s greatest moments and players with the help of hundreds of photos of players, memories and memorabilia.

Published by Bright Sky Press, the coffee table-style book will be available for the first time at Minute Maid Park on Opening Day on March 31 for $39.95.

Check out the book story here.

I guess they don’t have a paragraph on Commentary snagging the most foul balls at The Yard since I wasn’t interviewed.

If you subscribe to the Chron or pick it up at the Corner Store you can check out another story about what to do with the Dome.  This time there is a slightly different angle in that we’re trying to get Super Bowl fifty something and we got this eyesore to deal with. 

Turk Farrell of course served up the Mickey Mantle dinger in the top of the sixth back on April 9, 1965.

I wonder if Nolan is still going to be with the Rangers when they come to town on March 31.


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