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Ben Hall was interviewed by Khambrel Marshall yesterday on Channel 2 and he mentioned food carts and propane tanks again.   When he was asked about transportation he mentioned building tunnels to get around H-Town instead of more surface lanes and roads.

The Big Jolly fella has a piece about a Bill Frazer deciding to run for City Controller against incumbent Ron Green – a good pal of Commentary’s.  Here is where Frazer has it wrong:

I think, at this point, that Mr. Frazer is running for the right reasons.  He told me that he is a lifelong Republican but in a non-partisan race, his primary voting record probably won’t matter much.

I got news for him.  There is no such thing as non- partisan in politics these days.

Check all of Big Jolly here.

How many times was Nolan Ryan the Opening Day pitcher for the ‘Stros?

Well at least the Chron E-Board still reads Commentary.  Remember when I said if HISD feels they have to raise taxes, then the Superintendent needs to get out and sell it.   In yesterday’s Chron, the E-Board says the Superintendent needs to sell the proposed tax increase. 

Check it out here.

Meanwhile, also in yesterday’s Chron, my friend Bill King says it may be a tough road ahead for Ben Hall due to the declining African American vote in the City.  I’m kind of thinking that Ben and his handlers have taken that into consideration.  Bill says that Ben needs to find a second constituency.  I think they know that.

Check out Bill’s piece here.

Remember when folks were writing off Tiger?  The only competition Tiger faced this weekend was Tiger.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Nolan Ryan of course was our Opening Day pitcher in 1982, 1985 and 1986.

Opening Day is twenty days away.


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