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Kuffer has a take on Ben Hall running for Mayor and reminds us that Ben is a Piney Point resident and Kuffer says he is going to keep reminding us about this.  I wonder if this will be a major issue in the race.  I’m sure Ben’s advisors thought this through before deciding to run.  

Here is the Kuffer take.

I wonder if Kuffer will ever do takes about other electeds that don’t live in the districts they represent.

I was checking out the Ben Hall for Mayor web site and found this from Ben that made me chuckle:

Our collective future is brighter than our past, but we cannot get there by just doing more of the same – we have a choice in November. Success is not achieved by a mayor merely maintaining the status quo.  I recognize that Rome was not built in a day, but it wasn’t built by tinkering with food carts and propane tanks. The job of mayor is bigger than this.

Remember back in 2009 when we heard nothing but “lawyer, lobbyist Gene Locke.”  I wonder if we’ll hear “but it wasn’t built by tinkering with food carts and propane tanks.”

I wonder what the final tab will be when The Mayor’s folks are given the op-research package on Ben.

I’m also thinking that the city’s ordinance on feeding the homeless will surface during the campaign.

New ‘Stros bullpen coach Dennis Martinez is the subject of a feature today in the Chron Sports Section.  Martinez played in the MLB from 1976 to 1998.  How many different uniforms did Martinez wear over his 23 year career?

Did you know that in the November election this past November, 6.13% of the votes cast in SD6 were by mail ballots?  This past January 26, 20.11% voted by mail ballots.  In the runoff, 22.32% voted by mail ballots.

In today’s Chron, the owner of the ‘Stros talks about moving their Triple A club from Oklahoma City to a location north of The Woodlands.  That doesn’t bother me since I don’t ever watch minor league games.

Dennis Martinez wore B’More, Expos, Tribe, Mariners, and The ATL gear of course.

J.J. Watt will throw out the first pitch on Opening Day at The Yard.  I wonder if MariGirl is going to game and I wonder if she will wear her numero 99 jersey.


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