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We Lost

Let me congratulate the other side for their victory and let me take the day off on commenting about the race.  Let me process some of it and come back with a more thorough take tomorrow.

According to the Star Telegram, Nolan Ryan may be on his way out as the CEO of the Rangers.  That is kind of a knucklehead move if you ask me.  Nolan Ryan is the one that turned that franchise around.

Everyone knows that Nolan Ryan wore the numero 34 as a ‘Stro and it hasn’t been worn since.  Name the player that first wore the numero 34 back in 1962?

I guess now that the SD6 Special is history we can start talking about the city elections.  Mayoral contender Ben Hall is supposed to be announcing his candidacy this week.  He is also putting together his team and so far they are consultants with Republican ties.  I wonder if he is trying to put together an African American and Republican coalition.  We will see so you better stay tuned.

There’s the owner crying about his team losing money. There’s the fact that the team’s TV network still can’t be viewed by a majority of Houstonians, and that due to MLB TV rules, people in Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico who purchase the Extra Innings cable package or who buy MLB.TV can’t watch the Astros.

There’s the Astros vetoing a deal that CSN Houston and the Rockets had reached to put Rockets games on Direct TV. There’s the departure of the popular Jim Deshaies. The Astros being moved down the dial to 790, a station with a much weaker radio signal than 740. There’s the unceremonious axing of Dave Raymond and Brett Dolan. There’s that stupid-ass erector-set-quality sign in left field that blocks the view of downtown Houston. Oh yeah, and the team is bad.

Here is the entire piece.

The Press also says that the folks at The Yard didn’t let folks keep foul balls from the College Classic this past weekend. What is up with that?

Dave Giusti of course was the first to wear the numero 34 way back in 1962. 

I wonder if Nolan Ryan is interested in running the ‘Stros?



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