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Should we be disappointed or surprised that the turnout in Round 1 of the SD6 Special was just under 6%?  After all, in Round 1 both campaigns combined spent over a million in field, ads, and mail and less that 17,000 took the time to vote.

We should be disappointed but not surprised.

This is a race folks aren’t talking about at the office.  The race isn’t on CNN, MSNBC or Fox News. 

In Commentary’s opinion, the local media hasn’t given the race the coverage it deserves.

Folks here aren’t used to going to the polls in January or February.

Some folks probably think that either way a Dem is going to get elected so why invest in thinking about making a pick.

There is probably a little bit of voter exhaustion going on since we just went through a hectic 2012 with late primaries and runoffs and the November elections.

It’s still disappointing.

Excuses, reasons, or factors, or all of the above! 

Everyone knows that B-G-O leads the ‘Stros in getting hit by pitches all time with 285 dings.  Name the ‘Stro who is numero 2 on the all time list?

Congress needs to adopt the shot clock of sorts. U.S. Senator John Cornyn is playing the stall tactic card when it comes to immigration reform.  Check this from the SA Express News:

“I believe we have a long, long way to go,” Cornyn said

Check out the entire piece here.

Here’s the deal.  He can stall all he wants but it is going to bite GOP candidates in the arse in 2014 in districts throughout the country where there are a significant number of Latino voters.

Sen. Cornyn might be OK in 2014, but he is not doing his party any favors by being part of the stall game.  He’s not looking at the big picture.

On the St. Valentine’s Day Commentary wants to give a shout out to the women of the campaign including MariGirl, Vilma, Priscilla, Darcy, Brenda, Yolanda, Ida, Sheryl, Pat, Lisi, and Gaby!  They are doing a heck of a job!  I also want to give a special shout out to Carol – the hardest working candidate on the planet!

BTW:  We’re numero 1 on the ballot!

Commentary is going to try to give up salty language, err swearing for lent. 

The President’s mug across the street from the Breakfast Klub got vandalized again.  Those guys ought to get a security camera installed or ask for Secret Service protection if you ask me.

Baggy of course is second on the ‘Stros all time list for getting dinged at the plate with 128.

Some fella named Robert Ford and former MLB pitcher Steve Sparks will be in the radio booth for the ‘Stros this season.   They met each other for the first time yesterday.  I guess that’s how they do things at The Yard these days.

Happy Valentine’s Day and trying spreading the love for Carol today!


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I’m not talking about the College of Cardinals.

I’m also not talking about the supporters of Chuck Hagel  for Defense Secretary.

I’m also not talking about immigration reform and The DREAM Act.

I’m also not talking about supporters of casino gambling in the Lone Star State.

I’m talking about ‘Stros fans that want the team to cut concession prices to match the cut in team payroll.

Name the ‘Stro that has grounded into the most double plays all time?

H-Town City Council races are starting to heat up and of course partisan politics play a role in district races.  If you run in a Dem district, you better not play footsies with the GOP and vice versa.  That’s the way it has been for a while.  There is really no getting around this so watch out and let’s start weeding out the pretenders.

It looks like the mail is starting to hit in the SD6 Special.

Someone said the other day and after the last night that The President was pushing a progressive agenda like same sex marrriage, guns, immigration reform and so on.  Well that’s what the country voted for and that’s where the country is at. 

Baggy of course leads the ‘Stros in grounding into DPs with 221 all time.

I guess every team needs a closer. Here is from the ‘Stros website:

The Astros aren’t saying (Jose) Veras will be their closer to start the year, but he’s certainly the leading candidate after considering the lack of experience in the Houston bullpen. Veras has pitched in 327 big league games, but has only five saves with a 4.01 ERA.

We deserve a vote!


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Commentary has tried not to spend a whole lot of time talking about the SD6 Special because I don’t want folks to know what is going on.  In the past I probably said too much about certain campaigns and I’m sure there was a time or two when it came back and bit me in the arse.  So I won’t have a whole lot to say over the next 18 days.  There won’t be any trash talking either – got it!

204 years ago today Abraham Lincoln was born.  And the Oscar goes to Daniel Day Lewis!

Name the ‘Stro who is the all time leader in stolen bases?

Of course I will watch the State of the Union Address tonight.  The Chron says immgration, guns, jobs, the deficit, and energy independence will be front and center.  I’m looking forward to his remarks on immigration – si se puede!

Today the ptichers and cathcers have their first workout.  As most folks know Commentary is not looking forward to Opening Day.  Most of the experts are predicting another 100 plus loss season – yikes!  I’m thinking we probably have the lowest payroll in MLB.  Most of our players are getting the minimum. 

In yesterday’s Chron there was a piece about how the new skipper Bo Porter was going about trying to get his team motivated by putting up signage, having them read books, and stuff like that.  Here is a part:

Porter’s not naive. He just believes in what others are convinced will fail. Inside Porter’s clubhouse Flywheel — a concept derived from Jim Collins’ book “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap … And Others Don’t” — is the term “break point.” Porter evaluated all 162 of the Astros’ 2012 games, which featured a franchise-record 107 losses. He discovered 35 that featured a break point — a contest the Astros could have captured but lacked the focus and will to claim.

The Chron also mentions a meeting the new skipper had with NFL coaching great Bill Parcells:

“Bill is full of quotes. And one of the things he said is, ‘Never make exceptions for your players doing the preparation. Because you’ll look up one day, and you’ll have a team full of exceptions,’ ” Porter said.

Here is the entire Chron piece.

I guess you have to do what you have to do.  We have an umproven bunch for sure.  I’m all for motivation but I also want talent and quality MLB experience on the roster.  That’s the piece we’re missing and that’s a big piece.

Cesar Cedeno of course is the ‘Stros all time stolen base leader with 487.  That’s all I have.



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Election Day in the SD6 Special is in 19 days. 

EV in Person is in 9 days.

Mail started dropping this past Saturday.

I watched the Grammys last night and thanks to SNL I actually had heard of some of the winners.

I’m not going to say anything about J-Lo’s leg other than to say that she has leg.

Everybody knows that B-G-O leads the ‘Stros with 3,060 career base hits.  Name the former ‘Stro that is numero 2 on the career base hit list?

I’m not going to say anything about the folks running the other side because I don’t know them these days.  Who are those guys anyway?

Tomorrow is the ballot drawing for whatever that is worth.

I wonder if the mail will get interesting.

Baggy of course is numero 2 with 2,314 career ‘Stros base hits.

I never thought I’d see a Pope retire in my lifetime.

My good pal Edgar Colon is now a campaign treasurer.  Good luck!  I hope he knows what he got into.

I had a computer meltdown Friday and I don’t know if I have recovered.  I’m starting all over so to speak.

At least the SD6 Special will be over before Opening Day!



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There is another article out today about the GOP finally getting the message on immigration reform.  Some GOPers are finally figuring out that if they want to be invited into Latino living rooms to discuss other issues, they have to buy into the whole enchilada on immigration reform.  I’m talking about supporting The DREAM Act and pathway to citizenship – nothing less because Latinos hold most of the cards, err votes.

An anti immigration reform fella has this to say in the article:

"All of their (GOP) campaign consultants are telling them that the end is near if they don’t change," said Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, which advocates tighter immigration restrictions.

Props go to the GOP consultants for doing their jobs.  They could be sued for malfeasance or negligence if they offered any other advice.  The dynamic has shifted.  There are no short cuts.  We’re not interested in that old tired rhetoric about Latinos being patriotic, conservative and strong on family values.  We want The DREAM Act and pathway to citizenship now! 

Si se puede – got it!

Check out the latest article here.

Name the former ‘Stro pitcher with the most strikeouts as a ‘Stro?

Do these North Forest ISD kids really have to go through this?  How long have we’ve been dealing with this.  It is the same old story but this time on the front page of the Chron.  Here is a bit:

State officials on Thursday once again recommended pulling the plug on the troubled North Forest Independent School district.

Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams recommended that the district of 6,900 students be annexed into the mammoth Houston ISD effective July 1. His statement came just two days after the district said it would seek a partnership with Texas A&M University to assume day-to-day operations of its 10 schools.


"I fully recognize that there have been people in North Forest ISD working hard to turn things around for a very long time, but we can no longer afford to wait," Williams said in a prepared statement. "More importantly, the students of North Forest can no longer afford to wait for a strong education they need and deserve."

This will get very interesting indeed if Commissioner Williams comes to H-Town and be very visible on this issue.

Check out the article here.

The campaign has some cool purple wristbands that volunteers and supporters are starting to snatch up.  Let me know if you want one.

Hall of Fame great Nolan Ryan of course leads the ‘Stros with 1,866 Ks as a ‘Stro. 

Here is from MLB.com:

"I know a lot of the national reporters say we’re going to finish last and lose a lot of games again," the (‘Stros) GM said. "You know what? Oakland was supposed to be last [in the division] last year, Baltimore was supposed to be last, and they both ended up making the playoffs. It all starts when we play the Rangers here at the end of March, and I’m looking forward to putting it together and having a great, exciting 2013."

I love the ‘Stros but if I was forced to make a bet, I’d bet on the national reporters.


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While folks are waiting for the SD6 Special players to exit the stage, H-Town city and school board races are getting geared up. 

Commentary will soon be getting our political page up so do not hesitate to forward your info. 

To be honest with you, I really have not had time to pay attention to the buzz.  Here is what I have so far.  

District A’s Helena Brown will face Brenda Stardig and others.

Nothing much will be going on in District B or C.

District D is open and Dwight Boykins and others are running.

Nothing much will be going on District E and I don’t know about F.

Nothing much will be going on in G or H.

Commentary will be helping Graci Garces in I.

Nothing much will be going on in J or K.

Everyone knows that Baggy leads the ‘Stros in career dingers with 449 followed by the Big Puma with 326.  Name the player that is third on the list?

I have not heard of At-Large 1 Costello, At-Large 2 Burks, At-large 4 Bradford, or At-Large 5 Christie drawing opponents.   

In the open At-Large 3 seat, I hear one of the Kubosh brothers is interested as well as for State Rep. Al Edwards.

Over at HISD, of those running for reelection, I have not heard of any drawing opposition.

I keep hearing that Trustee Larry Marshall might not run since he’s tired of reading about himself in the Chron.

I’ll try to find out what is going on over at HCC since they have just appointed two trustees that will have to decide if they will be running this November.

Oh, I forgot.  We have a Mayor’s race if Ben Hall really decides to staff up or consult up.

Feel free to help Commentary fill in the blanks.

B-G-O is third on the list of career dingers as a ‘Stro with 291 of course.

There is no truth to the rumor that Brownie is on the trading block.


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It looks like Saturday mail delivery is coming to an end just like the 8-track. I guess I’m OK with that.  Folks don’t do much mail these days anyway.  Campaigns will have to rethink their six day strategies now that they can’t drop negative mail on Saturdays.

By popular vote, Monopoly is adding a new game piece and getting rid of another.  The dog, racecar, shoe, thimble, top hat, wheelbarrow and battleship are sticking around.  A gato is in and the iron is out.

When the ‘Stros lost to the Phillies in the 1980 NLCS, how many games went extra innings?

The Fox News purge continues as Dick Morris was shown the door.

Commentary is feeling inadequate this morning after I saw an email the other side sent out that said they had the superior campaign team.  I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror this morning.

KTRH-AM Radio is a 50,000 watt station that some folks call a Blow Torch because you can pick up the signal way beyond the H-Town area like close to Austin and San Antonio and Dallas.  That’s where you can pick up ‘Stros games – well not anymore. The ‘’Stros will now be moving to the measly 5,000 watt KBME 790 that you can’t even pick up in some parts of H-Town in the evening. I guess that’s what happens when you are putting out a Triple A club.

Four out of the five 1980 NLCS games went into extra innings of course.

Now we hear that Bud Norris is on the trading block.  Anderson Cooper – are you paying attention to the ‘Stros these days?  If so, we deserve to be on your Ridiculist.



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Nobody was really surprised yesterday with the ruling on the Lone Star State’s system of funding our schools.  Unconstitutional, unfair, inadequate – call it what you want.  Commentary has called it the mother of all public policy issues in the Lone Star State.  This issue has been dogging us since the late 1960s.  When it comes to fixing the way we fund our schools, everybody knows we have it wrong.  A lot of folks love to boast about the Lone Star State and how great we are.  One thing we’re not good at is finding the political will to fix a system that has been broken for decades.

Shortstop Jed Lowrie was traded to the ‘Stros by the Red Sox in December of 2011. Name the player the Red Sox got in return?

Lively is the best way to describe last night’s SD6 Special candidates’ forum in Eastwood.  H-Town CM James Rodriguez was called out by Carol Alvarado’s opponents on the Harrisburg underpass issue.  Hey, that’s what happens when $10 million in District I CIP funds go to help get the underpass constructed. 

I saw this in the NY Times:

Ted Cruz of Texas has been in the Senate for all of a month, but has already compiled an impressive voting record, according to the Washington Times. He is the only senator who has been on the losing side of every vote he has taken this term, a zero-for-11 record.

Here is the entire Cruz piece.

What did we expect?  Senator No!  It looks like he’s happy to be an obstructionist of sorts and not try to work out stuff.

We traded pitcher Mark Melancon to the Red Sox to get Lowrie of course.   Now we just got rid of Lowrie and got a couple of players with little MLB experience.  Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that the front office was touting Lowrie as this season’s clubhouse leader?  The team is certainly testing the patience of the loyal fan base including this one.   I’ll go out to The Yard but I really am not interested in watching the College Classic players go up against the AL West.  Oh, well!



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The Big Jolly fella has an interesting take on the state of the Harris County GOP and what they have to do. 

Check it out here.

There is only so much one can do about the demographics.  If Dems really implemented a program to follow the Latino growth in Harris County, the local GOP would really be in trouble.

The game last night was actually better than the ads.  Favorite ads include the Hyundai Bullies, Go Daddy kissers, Doritos goat, Taco Bell old folks, Got Milk, Ram farmers, Bud Clydesdale, and Tide Montana stain. 

The pregame and halftime show performers were all great.

What can I say about Jacoby Jones?  He was the MVP if you ask me.  Aren’t we glad he doesn’t wear the battle red? 

This past weekend The White House released a photo of The President skeet shooting.  Whew!  If we are ever invaded by clay pigeons, we’re in good hands.

Speaking of Baltimore, when was the last time Orioles won the World Serious?

I guess you can say this is one for the history books.  This is what the great Gloria Steinem said about Guv Dude in Fort Worth the other day – courtesy of the Star Telegram:

"He personally will go down in history as an authoritarian — a dictatorial, unacceptable American," Steinem, 78, told the Star-Telegram on Friday before speaking to a crowd of more than 800 during the annual Planned Parenthood luncheon at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel downtown.

"This does not compensate for the women who are suffering from the lack of healthcare because of his actions and the amounts of federal funds this state has lost because of his actions."

She recommended that Texans "dis-elect him, get rid of him, get rid of the guy."

Ouch!  Of course, do you think Guv Dude is worried about what Gloria Steinem has to say?

Here is the entire Star Telegram piece.

From today’s Statesman:

Two years ago, state lawmakers filed about six dozen bills dealing with illegal immigration. So far this year, the count is in the single digits.

Here is the article.

Elections do have consequences.

The Orioles beat the Phillies in five to take the 1983 World Serious.

Kuffer has a take today on H-Town being a loser when it comes to pro sports – ouch!  If you want to read Kuffer’s take, you are going to have to find it on your own.

The ‘Stros open Spring Training camp in a couple of weeks or so. 


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This Sunday at around 5 pm, most stuff shuts down and folks start to watch the big game.  I heard this morning that 1.4 billion wings will be consumed in the U.S. of A. this weekend.  That’s a lot of dead chickens.  For Commentary, the ads are the best part of the game.  I want to know if companies are getting their $2.4 million worth.  Some Arab Americans are apparently upset at the Coca Cola ad with the camel.  Some folks think the VW ad is sort of racist because a white dude talks like a Jamaican – maun.

I also want to watch Beyonce. 

As for the game, both teams are from blue states and both states have Dem governors.  I guess I’ll root for the Ravens because the Texans beat them pretty bad earlier in the season and if they win we can at least say we beat the Super Bowl champs.  I am also partial to the color purple these days if you know what I mean.  Go Ravens!

Joe Niekro who is no longer with us has the ‘Stros record for most pitching wins with 144.  How many times was he selected to the MLB All Star team?

The GOP is trying to figure out what to do on immigration reform.  Here is from a piece:

Republicans face a delicate balancing act as they embrace an unprecedented shift in their views on immigration reform – and no one better exemplifies the potential risks and rewards than Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.


Other Republicans are moving on the issue. A bipartisan group in the House is working on a similar proposal. Last week in Charlotte, N.C., most members of the Republican National Committee agreed that the GOP must improve its tone and message on immigration. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, an influential party member, used an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal to urge the nation to "seize the moment" on bipartisan reform.

But here is pushback:

"Rubio’s bill is nothing but amnesty," wrote conservative columnist Ann Coulter, referring to it as "a wolf in wolf’s clothing."

Republican Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana told radio host Laura Ingraham on Wednesday that his Republican colleague was "amazingly naive on this issue. This is the same old formula that we’ve dealt with before."

I guess they can’t accept this:

Latino voters accounted for 10 percent of the electorate and their numbers are growing, particularly in swing states such as Nevada, Colorado and Florida.

That new reality has led the GOP establishment to embrace immigration reform as a way to reintroduce its candidates to Latinos and eliminate a wedge issue before the next presidential race. Some Republicans have formed a super political action committee, called Republicans for Immigration Reform, to provide money and political cover to pro-reform GOP lawmakers.

"A lot of Hispanics don’t feel welcome and we need to change that," said Ricardo Aponte, executive director of the Puerto Rico GOP.

The hard right still won’t budge:

But Republicans who support the changes risk primary challenges and the ire of some conservatives who say an immigration overhaul will take jobs away from citizens at a time of high unemployment.

"Until the borders are secure, I think all this other chatter is a waste of time," said Tea Party Express Chair Amy Kremer. "Conservatives are not happy."

Here is the entire article.

Let us know when ya’ll decide.

Maybe they ought to listen to what the Chron E-Board said the other day:

We need a law that reflects the facts on the ground, where the term illegal immigrant applies to folks who have lived here for years and are part of our communities. We could no more remove them than cut out squares from a quilt and expect it to stay whole.

Now is the time. And if Republicans can find any silver lining in Gov. Mitt Romney’s loss, it is the incentive to stop whipping up an anti-immigration fury and actually try to win votes from a growing Hispanic voter base.

There will be negotiations. The end result will be different than any current proposal. But every generation has its wave of newcomers, and it is time to welcome 11 million people into our nation of immigrants. As President Obama said in his speech yesterday, "All those folks, before they were us, they were them."

Now is the time to help 11 million them become us. And Texas should be leading the way.

Here is the entire Chron E-Board take.

Now I know why Guv Dude didn’t go red meat in his state of the state.  When you’re getting beat by Hillary in the latest PPP poll, you have to kind of tone it down.

Here is to Guv Dude from the Chron E-Board the other day:

Our state’s fastest growing ethnic group, Hispanics, is vastly underrepresented in Austin. Be their champion, governor.

You’ve already made a strong start with your backing of Dream Act-style legislation that creates educational opportunities for the sons and daughters of illegal immigrant parents brought here as minors. On Tuesday, you called for South Texas institutions to be given a piece of the proceeds from the Permanent University Fund. It’s an idea worthy of serious consideration.

Your natural instincts about non-Hispanic Texans are right, too: There isn’t the animus toward Hispanics, whether immigrant or sixth-generation Texan, in this state that there is in, say, California. It’s a point of state pride and a strength.

Your political instincts are also true: Many Hispanics are conservatives culturally and economically. As George W. Bush proved, they are natural candidates for recruitment into the state Republican Party. Who better than you to do that job?

Here is the entire advice to Guv Dude.

Joe Niekro was selected to play in the MLB All Star Game once of course  n 1979 when he went 21-11.

I don’t have anything from The Yard today. 


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