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Some folks have taken the time to comment on the SD6 Special over the past few weeks.  Kuffer has said a little.  Heck, I think Kuffer used to be a part of SD6 so he knows the district.  Big Jolly has had takes and he also knows some of the players and the district.  Same thing goes for Dos Centavos who has put out a few takes on the race. 

Yesterday I saw an out of town take that kind of just humored me because they didn’t know what they were talking about.  They don’t know the district and the players.  They wouldn’t know a Mason Park from a Roseland Park.   They wouldn’t know an Aldine from a Magnolia. They wouldn’t know a Munger from a Freddy.  Try coming down here and spend some time in the communities and get a sense of what folks are thinking because they are certainly not thinking what out of town folks are thinking.

The out of towners are completely unaware of the dynamics of the race yet they go on and pass judgment.  So I read their take and just move on.

Some say the 1998 ‘Stros were one of our best teams ever.  Name the 1998 Opening Day line-up?

Sen. Dan Patrick has a bill that deals with more restrictions and it prompted this from Burkablog:

It is not my intention to debate the merits of this bill. My interest in it comes from a different direction. My question is this: Have the Republicans forgotten that there was an election last November? This bill is a dagger to the heart—of Patrick’s own party. It is anathema to one of the constituencies that is a crucial part of the Democratic coalition that won the election: college-educated women. Has Senator Patrick forgotten the name of Todd Akin? Of Robert Mourdock? Of Sandra Fluke?

This bill is a case study of why Republicans are losing national elections. They do not have a clue about the nature of the coalition that defeated them. If one reflects on what the Legislature has done over the past four years, beginning with 2009, the main thrust of its efforts has not been to improve the lives of ordinary Texans. It has been to harm and harass the constituencies that threaten them. Hence the Legislature has passed Voter I.D. legislation, gerrymandered redistricting maps, restrictions on the conduct of elections, huge cuts in public education, a dismembered women’s health program, the burden of all of which fall on the constituencies that make up the Democratic coalition. The irony is that Republicans are doing their part to turn Texas blue.

Let them keep shooting themselves in the foot if you ask me.

B-G-O, Derek Bell, Baggy, Sean Berry, Moises Alou, Richard Hidalgo, Rick Gutierrez, Brad Ausmus, and Shane Reynolds of course were the 1998 Opening Day starters.

That is all I have from The Yard.


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