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Day 2 of Early Voting in the SD6 Special is history and here is what we have.

3,019 have cast ballots as compared to 16,511 in Round 1 – that’s 18.3%.

1,046 have Voted Early in Person as compared to 5,369 in Round 1 – that’s 19.5%.

Including today there are five days left to Vote Early.   Maybe the better weather will get voters to the polls this weekend. 

The contribution and expenditure reports are due today so you better stay tuned!

Only two ‘Stros pitchers have started more than 300 games in a ‘Stros uniform:  Name the two?

The Chron E-Board has an informed take on the proposed parking regulations that are being discussed at City Hall.  The E-Board has likes and dislikes about the proposed plan.

You need to check out the piece here.

The Big Jolly fella has a take on the local GOP being ‘tone deaf.”   He went to a meeting and the Jared Woodfill the local party chair spoke.  Here is part of what he says:

Well, let’s take a look at Jared’s priority legislation for this session. After telling the attendees that the reason he was holding town halls every week was to focus on the legislature, here are his priorities:

Move the Texas primary up to the first Tuesday in February.

Support Rep. Toth’s bill to keep the federal government from taking our guns.

Support the pre-born baby pain bill.

Fight the repeal of definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Fight the proposal to have Texans vote on gambling.

There you go. Those are the issues that we must focus on this session. And he encouraged people to not limit their calls and letters to their own representatives – write and call every representative. What a waste of time and effort but some of the people in attendance supported doing that.

Look, I get it, moving the primary up is a good idea. But a priority? And that wacky bill from Toth? Wow, I never thought I would hear that from a Republican party chair. As for the pre-born pain bill, it is bad policy for legislators to start making up science. We’ve made huge progress against abortion but bills like this turn people away and make them reconsider the “war on women”. And marriage? First off, it has zero chance of passing, so why get riled up about it? Secondly, be careful what you ask for because polling continues to show that the majority of Texans now favor some type of legal acknowledgment of gay marriage/unions. As for gambling, hey, lets continue to restrict freedom, right?

I came home downtrodden and now that I think about it, I feel even worse. Those “priorities” might well get the old white folk out to the polls. But they darn sure aren’t going to attract new, younger voters. Let’s hope the media focuses on Speaker Straus and other Republicans that are focused on serious issues and not what passes for leadership in Harris County.

Check out all of Big Jolly here.

Local Dems better hope that Big Jolly never heads up the local GOP effort.   He is one of the few GOPers that get it.

The Rodeo is front and center again.  Folks are in their western gear.  Once again Commentary will take a pass. 

Sunday night is Oscar Night!

Larry Dierker (320) and Joe Niekro (301) of course are the only ‘Stros to have ever started 300 plus games. 

The first Spring Training game is tomorrow.


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