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Someone named politics@houstonpolitics.com sent the campaign the following:

We know Carol can’t run on her record as Lee Brown’s Chief of Staff, or Council Member for District I, or State Rep, but does she really have to attack her opponent and take things into the gutter.

As Lee Brown Chief of Staff, she assisted Brown in raising the city employee benefits to unsustainable levels, which led to major budget problems.

As Council Member for District I she waisted community leaders time and energy by:

Having meetings on Air Quality in the East End after high levels of benzine were measured at the plants, nothing happened;

Had Deed Restriction data base meetings which led to nothing;

Due to lack of her oversight her Mayor Pro-Tem staff gave themselves illegal bonuses;

And as far as what she has been doing as State Rep, other collecting money from special interest groups, I have no idea.

This week I have received four mail-outs from Carol trashing Garcia. If Carol can’t win on her record, then she needs to drop out!

Let me kind of respond to this.  First, who are you and where do you live?

He or she obviously doesn’t live in the district because anyone named politics that lives in SD6 would know that our opponent sent six mail pieces in Round 1 attacking Carol.  So hitting back shouldn’t come as a surprise.  In Round 1, I would have been impressed if politics would have said:

This week I have received four mail-outs from Sylvia trashing Alvarado. If Sylvia can’t win on her record, then she needs to drop out!

Any one named politics should know that Carol never served as Mayor Brown’s Chief of Staff.

Of course if one isn’t going reveal their real name, well we can only guess about one’s motivations.

Name the ‘Stro that is at the top of the all time list with most triples as a ‘Stro?

My good friend Rep. Senfronia Thompson is carrying the bill that allows for liquor stores to be open on Sunday.  Rep. Thompson makes a good case for her bill.

Check out the column here.

Commentary likes the U.S. Postal Service.  I try as much as I can to use them.  Heck, I still mail Christmas cards.  One of their mail carriers needs to stay out of the political campaign business while delivering the mail out in the East End.  At least management returned phone calls over the weekend and is looking into the matter.

SD6 Special voters won’t be getting any mail today.

Commentary has been a fan of Danica Patrick for years.  Congrats to Danica for getting the pole position in one of the greatest sporting events in the world!

Jose Cruz of course is the all time ‘Stro leader with 80 three baggers.

The President and Tiger played a round of golf with the owner of the ‘Stros yesterday. 


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