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Election Day in the SD6 Special is in 19 days. 

EV in Person is in 9 days.

Mail started dropping this past Saturday.

I watched the Grammys last night and thanks to SNL I actually had heard of some of the winners.

I’m not going to say anything about J-Lo’s leg other than to say that she has leg.

Everybody knows that B-G-O leads the ‘Stros with 3,060 career base hits.  Name the former ‘Stro that is numero 2 on the career base hit list?

I’m not going to say anything about the folks running the other side because I don’t know them these days.  Who are those guys anyway?

Tomorrow is the ballot drawing for whatever that is worth.

I wonder if the mail will get interesting.

Baggy of course is numero 2 with 2,314 career ‘Stros base hits.

I never thought I’d see a Pope retire in my lifetime.

My good pal Edgar Colon is now a campaign treasurer.  Good luck!  I hope he knows what he got into.

I had a computer meltdown Friday and I don’t know if I have recovered.  I’m starting all over so to speak.

At least the SD6 Special will be over before Opening Day!



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