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There is another article out today about the GOP finally getting the message on immigration reform.  Some GOPers are finally figuring out that if they want to be invited into Latino living rooms to discuss other issues, they have to buy into the whole enchilada on immigration reform.  I’m talking about supporting The DREAM Act and pathway to citizenship – nothing less because Latinos hold most of the cards, err votes.

An anti immigration reform fella has this to say in the article:

"All of their (GOP) campaign consultants are telling them that the end is near if they don’t change," said Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, which advocates tighter immigration restrictions.

Props go to the GOP consultants for doing their jobs.  They could be sued for malfeasance or negligence if they offered any other advice.  The dynamic has shifted.  There are no short cuts.  We’re not interested in that old tired rhetoric about Latinos being patriotic, conservative and strong on family values.  We want The DREAM Act and pathway to citizenship now! 

Si se puede – got it!

Check out the latest article here.

Name the former ‘Stro pitcher with the most strikeouts as a ‘Stro?

Do these North Forest ISD kids really have to go through this?  How long have we’ve been dealing with this.  It is the same old story but this time on the front page of the Chron.  Here is a bit:

State officials on Thursday once again recommended pulling the plug on the troubled North Forest Independent School district.

Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams recommended that the district of 6,900 students be annexed into the mammoth Houston ISD effective July 1. His statement came just two days after the district said it would seek a partnership with Texas A&M University to assume day-to-day operations of its 10 schools.


"I fully recognize that there have been people in North Forest ISD working hard to turn things around for a very long time, but we can no longer afford to wait," Williams said in a prepared statement. "More importantly, the students of North Forest can no longer afford to wait for a strong education they need and deserve."

This will get very interesting indeed if Commissioner Williams comes to H-Town and be very visible on this issue.

Check out the article here.

The campaign has some cool purple wristbands that volunteers and supporters are starting to snatch up.  Let me know if you want one.

Hall of Fame great Nolan Ryan of course leads the ‘Stros with 1,866 Ks as a ‘Stro. 

Here is from MLB.com:

"I know a lot of the national reporters say we’re going to finish last and lose a lot of games again," the (‘Stros) GM said. "You know what? Oakland was supposed to be last [in the division] last year, Baltimore was supposed to be last, and they both ended up making the playoffs. It all starts when we play the Rangers here at the end of March, and I’m looking forward to putting it together and having a great, exciting 2013."

I love the ‘Stros but if I was forced to make a bet, I’d bet on the national reporters.


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