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While folks are waiting for the SD6 Special players to exit the stage, H-Town city and school board races are getting geared up. 

Commentary will soon be getting our political page up so do not hesitate to forward your info. 

To be honest with you, I really have not had time to pay attention to the buzz.  Here is what I have so far.  

District A’s Helena Brown will face Brenda Stardig and others.

Nothing much will be going on in District B or C.

District D is open and Dwight Boykins and others are running.

Nothing much will be going on District E and I don’t know about F.

Nothing much will be going on in G or H.

Commentary will be helping Graci Garces in I.

Nothing much will be going on in J or K.

Everyone knows that Baggy leads the ‘Stros in career dingers with 449 followed by the Big Puma with 326.  Name the player that is third on the list?

I have not heard of At-Large 1 Costello, At-Large 2 Burks, At-large 4 Bradford, or At-Large 5 Christie drawing opponents.   

In the open At-Large 3 seat, I hear one of the Kubosh brothers is interested as well as for State Rep. Al Edwards.

Over at HISD, of those running for reelection, I have not heard of any drawing opposition.

I keep hearing that Trustee Larry Marshall might not run since he’s tired of reading about himself in the Chron.

I’ll try to find out what is going on over at HCC since they have just appointed two trustees that will have to decide if they will be running this November.

Oh, I forgot.  We have a Mayor’s race if Ben Hall really decides to staff up or consult up.

Feel free to help Commentary fill in the blanks.

B-G-O is third on the list of career dingers as a ‘Stro with 291 of course.

There is no truth to the rumor that Brownie is on the trading block.


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