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It looks like Saturday mail delivery is coming to an end just like the 8-track. I guess I’m OK with that.  Folks don’t do much mail these days anyway.  Campaigns will have to rethink their six day strategies now that they can’t drop negative mail on Saturdays.

By popular vote, Monopoly is adding a new game piece and getting rid of another.  The dog, racecar, shoe, thimble, top hat, wheelbarrow and battleship are sticking around.  A gato is in and the iron is out.

When the ‘Stros lost to the Phillies in the 1980 NLCS, how many games went extra innings?

The Fox News purge continues as Dick Morris was shown the door.

Commentary is feeling inadequate this morning after I saw an email the other side sent out that said they had the superior campaign team.  I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror this morning.

KTRH-AM Radio is a 50,000 watt station that some folks call a Blow Torch because you can pick up the signal way beyond the H-Town area like close to Austin and San Antonio and Dallas.  That’s where you can pick up ‘Stros games – well not anymore. The ‘’Stros will now be moving to the measly 5,000 watt KBME 790 that you can’t even pick up in some parts of H-Town in the evening. I guess that’s what happens when you are putting out a Triple A club.

Four out of the five 1980 NLCS games went into extra innings of course.

Now we hear that Bud Norris is on the trading block.  Anderson Cooper – are you paying attention to the ‘Stros these days?  If so, we deserve to be on your Ridiculist.



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