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Nobody was really surprised yesterday with the ruling on the Lone Star State’s system of funding our schools.  Unconstitutional, unfair, inadequate – call it what you want.  Commentary has called it the mother of all public policy issues in the Lone Star State.  This issue has been dogging us since the late 1960s.  When it comes to fixing the way we fund our schools, everybody knows we have it wrong.  A lot of folks love to boast about the Lone Star State and how great we are.  One thing we’re not good at is finding the political will to fix a system that has been broken for decades.

Shortstop Jed Lowrie was traded to the ‘Stros by the Red Sox in December of 2011. Name the player the Red Sox got in return?

Lively is the best way to describe last night’s SD6 Special candidates’ forum in Eastwood.  H-Town CM James Rodriguez was called out by Carol Alvarado’s opponents on the Harrisburg underpass issue.  Hey, that’s what happens when $10 million in District I CIP funds go to help get the underpass constructed. 

I saw this in the NY Times:

Ted Cruz of Texas has been in the Senate for all of a month, but has already compiled an impressive voting record, according to the Washington Times. He is the only senator who has been on the losing side of every vote he has taken this term, a zero-for-11 record.

Here is the entire Cruz piece.

What did we expect?  Senator No!  It looks like he’s happy to be an obstructionist of sorts and not try to work out stuff.

We traded pitcher Mark Melancon to the Red Sox to get Lowrie of course.   Now we just got rid of Lowrie and got a couple of players with little MLB experience.  Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that the front office was touting Lowrie as this season’s clubhouse leader?  The team is certainly testing the patience of the loyal fan base including this one.   I’ll go out to The Yard but I really am not interested in watching the College Classic players go up against the AL West.  Oh, well!



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