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The Big Jolly fella has an interesting take on the state of the Harris County GOP and what they have to do. 

Check it out here.

There is only so much one can do about the demographics.  If Dems really implemented a program to follow the Latino growth in Harris County, the local GOP would really be in trouble.

The game last night was actually better than the ads.  Favorite ads include the Hyundai Bullies, Go Daddy kissers, Doritos goat, Taco Bell old folks, Got Milk, Ram farmers, Bud Clydesdale, and Tide Montana stain. 

The pregame and halftime show performers were all great.

What can I say about Jacoby Jones?  He was the MVP if you ask me.  Aren’t we glad he doesn’t wear the battle red? 

This past weekend The White House released a photo of The President skeet shooting.  Whew!  If we are ever invaded by clay pigeons, we’re in good hands.

Speaking of Baltimore, when was the last time Orioles won the World Serious?

I guess you can say this is one for the history books.  This is what the great Gloria Steinem said about Guv Dude in Fort Worth the other day – courtesy of the Star Telegram:

"He personally will go down in history as an authoritarian — a dictatorial, unacceptable American," Steinem, 78, told the Star-Telegram on Friday before speaking to a crowd of more than 800 during the annual Planned Parenthood luncheon at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel downtown.

"This does not compensate for the women who are suffering from the lack of healthcare because of his actions and the amounts of federal funds this state has lost because of his actions."

She recommended that Texans "dis-elect him, get rid of him, get rid of the guy."

Ouch!  Of course, do you think Guv Dude is worried about what Gloria Steinem has to say?

Here is the entire Star Telegram piece.

From today’s Statesman:

Two years ago, state lawmakers filed about six dozen bills dealing with illegal immigration. So far this year, the count is in the single digits.

Here is the article.

Elections do have consequences.

The Orioles beat the Phillies in five to take the 1983 World Serious.

Kuffer has a take today on H-Town being a loser when it comes to pro sports – ouch!  If you want to read Kuffer’s take, you are going to have to find it on your own.

The ‘Stros open Spring Training camp in a couple of weeks or so. 


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