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This Sunday at around 5 pm, most stuff shuts down and folks start to watch the big game.  I heard this morning that 1.4 billion wings will be consumed in the U.S. of A. this weekend.  That’s a lot of dead chickens.  For Commentary, the ads are the best part of the game.  I want to know if companies are getting their $2.4 million worth.  Some Arab Americans are apparently upset at the Coca Cola ad with the camel.  Some folks think the VW ad is sort of racist because a white dude talks like a Jamaican – maun.

I also want to watch Beyonce. 

As for the game, both teams are from blue states and both states have Dem governors.  I guess I’ll root for the Ravens because the Texans beat them pretty bad earlier in the season and if they win we can at least say we beat the Super Bowl champs.  I am also partial to the color purple these days if you know what I mean.  Go Ravens!

Joe Niekro who is no longer with us has the ‘Stros record for most pitching wins with 144.  How many times was he selected to the MLB All Star team?

The GOP is trying to figure out what to do on immigration reform.  Here is from a piece:

Republicans face a delicate balancing act as they embrace an unprecedented shift in their views on immigration reform – and no one better exemplifies the potential risks and rewards than Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.


Other Republicans are moving on the issue. A bipartisan group in the House is working on a similar proposal. Last week in Charlotte, N.C., most members of the Republican National Committee agreed that the GOP must improve its tone and message on immigration. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, an influential party member, used an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal to urge the nation to "seize the moment" on bipartisan reform.

But here is pushback:

"Rubio’s bill is nothing but amnesty," wrote conservative columnist Ann Coulter, referring to it as "a wolf in wolf’s clothing."

Republican Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana told radio host Laura Ingraham on Wednesday that his Republican colleague was "amazingly naive on this issue. This is the same old formula that we’ve dealt with before."

I guess they can’t accept this:

Latino voters accounted for 10 percent of the electorate and their numbers are growing, particularly in swing states such as Nevada, Colorado and Florida.

That new reality has led the GOP establishment to embrace immigration reform as a way to reintroduce its candidates to Latinos and eliminate a wedge issue before the next presidential race. Some Republicans have formed a super political action committee, called Republicans for Immigration Reform, to provide money and political cover to pro-reform GOP lawmakers.

"A lot of Hispanics don’t feel welcome and we need to change that," said Ricardo Aponte, executive director of the Puerto Rico GOP.

The hard right still won’t budge:

But Republicans who support the changes risk primary challenges and the ire of some conservatives who say an immigration overhaul will take jobs away from citizens at a time of high unemployment.

"Until the borders are secure, I think all this other chatter is a waste of time," said Tea Party Express Chair Amy Kremer. "Conservatives are not happy."

Here is the entire article.

Let us know when ya’ll decide.

Maybe they ought to listen to what the Chron E-Board said the other day:

We need a law that reflects the facts on the ground, where the term illegal immigrant applies to folks who have lived here for years and are part of our communities. We could no more remove them than cut out squares from a quilt and expect it to stay whole.

Now is the time. And if Republicans can find any silver lining in Gov. Mitt Romney’s loss, it is the incentive to stop whipping up an anti-immigration fury and actually try to win votes from a growing Hispanic voter base.

There will be negotiations. The end result will be different than any current proposal. But every generation has its wave of newcomers, and it is time to welcome 11 million people into our nation of immigrants. As President Obama said in his speech yesterday, "All those folks, before they were us, they were them."

Now is the time to help 11 million them become us. And Texas should be leading the way.

Here is the entire Chron E-Board take.

Now I know why Guv Dude didn’t go red meat in his state of the state.  When you’re getting beat by Hillary in the latest PPP poll, you have to kind of tone it down.

Here is to Guv Dude from the Chron E-Board the other day:

Our state’s fastest growing ethnic group, Hispanics, is vastly underrepresented in Austin. Be their champion, governor.

You’ve already made a strong start with your backing of Dream Act-style legislation that creates educational opportunities for the sons and daughters of illegal immigrant parents brought here as minors. On Tuesday, you called for South Texas institutions to be given a piece of the proceeds from the Permanent University Fund. It’s an idea worthy of serious consideration.

Your natural instincts about non-Hispanic Texans are right, too: There isn’t the animus toward Hispanics, whether immigrant or sixth-generation Texan, in this state that there is in, say, California. It’s a point of state pride and a strength.

Your political instincts are also true: Many Hispanics are conservatives culturally and economically. As George W. Bush proved, they are natural candidates for recruitment into the state Republican Party. Who better than you to do that job?

Here is the entire advice to Guv Dude.

Joe Niekro was selected to play in the MLB All Star Game once of course  n 1979 when he went 21-11.

I don’t have anything from The Yard today. 


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