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Burkablog has a good take today about the Senior Senator from the Lone Star State following the Junior Senator’s lead.  Here is part:

The emergence of Ted Cruz has made life miserable for Minority Whip John Cornyn. Cruz constantly has the senior senator for Texas looking over his right shoulder. Cornyn voted against Kerry as secretary of state, as did Cruz, but it’s likely that he did so only to inoculate himself against further doubts being cast on his conservative bona fides.

Here is all of Burkablog.

The PPP poll says two thirds of the GOPers in the Lone Star State want to impeach The President.  So the Junior Senator will play to his base and red meat it for a while.  The Senior Senator will have to go along with Junior and won’t play much of a role in working out deals and agreements with the administration.  When two thirds of the state’s GOP want to impeach The President, it is probably not a good idea for a state GOPer to be seen working with the administration.  So much for statesmanship!

Speaking of GOPers:  How many times was Hall of Fame great Nolan Ryan selected to the MLB All Star Game?

Guv Dude had this to say yesterday:

Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday that Attorney General Greg Abbott has agreed not to challenge him in the 2014 Republican primary if Perry chooses to seek re-election.

In an interview after a taping of "Inside Texas Politics" at the WFAA-TV studios in Dallas, Perry said he and his fellow Republican have a deal.

"Greg is a dear friend. He has said clearly that if I ran again he’s not going to be running against me, but that’s beside the point," he told the station and The Dallas Morning News.

Here is the entire Chron take on Guv Dude.

I am finally starting to believe that he won’t run again in 2014 but he wants to continue to be relevant of sorts.  He has seen the latest PPP poll numbers and can finally see a little bit of the handwriting that is starting to show up on the wall.

Hall of Fame great Nolan Ryan was selected to play in eight MLB All Star games of course.  Nolan is 66 today.  Happy Birthday Nolan Ryan!  We will see you two months from today on Opening Day at The Yard!

I wonder if Nelson Cruz will be in uniform for the Rangers that evening at The Yard.


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