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This is from Brains Saturday night:

The only question is whether Garcia can avoid a runoff. This was her stated intention, going all the way back at least as far as our blogger’s luncheon in December.

This is from Kuffer yesterday:

It’s about getting your people out, and as we can see it doesn’t necessarily take that many of them. I would not take any bets on the outcome of the runoff.

Carol Alvarado took a lot of incoming including six negative mailers, phone calls, and other attacks so 45-42 isn’t bad at all.

Bud Morris may be our Opening Day starting pitcher this season.  Does Bud have more career wins than losses?

The Chron E-Board lectured the HCC Board of Trustees yesterday.  Here is how it ended:

There was a time when HCC was considered relatively small potatoes politically; a backwater where cronyism could flourish under the radar. That time is long past. HCC matters. We encourage the Houston region’s business leadership, led by the Greater Houston Partnership, to join us in keeping careful watch over the workings of the system’s elected governance body at this critical juncture – for the benefit of the system and the dynamic economic region it serves.

Here is the entire lecture.

Bud Norris has a 28-37 career record.  Sadly, that’s about all you are going to get from The Yard these days.



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