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The Chron’s Joe Holley has a piece on the SD6 Special today.  Here are parts:

(Carol) Alvarado said she was focusing on the issues the district’s voters care about: education, the economy and jobs, health care.

"We’re knocking on doors, phone-calling and keeping on message," she said. "I’m happy we haven’t lowered ourselves into the gutter the way our opponent has."

(Sylvia) Garcia rejected the negative-campaigning charge. "Any time you compare a record – and that’s all we’re doing – your opponent will say you’re going negative. We’ll just have to let the voters decide."

Garcia, a county commissioner from 2002 to 2010, when she lost to then-political unknown Jack Morman, came into the race with $700,000 in leftover campaign funds.

Earlier this week, in new disclosures required eight days prior to the election, Garcia reported receiving $2,250 from plaintiff’s lawyer Steven Mostyn, as well as in-kind contributions from Mostyn’s Texas Organizing Project PAC totaling $80,427.

Commentary knows the difference between negative and comparative mail.  It is definitely attack negative.  The 6th attack negative piece hit yesterday.

According to the Chron, Back to Basics PAC and TOPPAC are owned by the same fella – interesting.

Here is the entire Joe Holley piece.

Oh yeah, the final day of voting is tomorrow.

My good friend Edgar should easily nail this one.  Name the 1971 World Serious MVP when the Pirates beat the Orioles in 7?

The DSCC sent out an email yesterday wanting folks to fill out a survey on what issues we want the President to address at his State of the Union address.  Here is a bit:

Now, he needs to know what issues are most important to us—so he can tackle those first.
So before the State of the Union next month, tell President Obama your number one priority! Make your voice heard right away:

  1. Growing the economy and jobs
  2. Reducing gun violence
  3. Defending equal rights
  4. Protecting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security
  5. Solving the climate change crisis

President Obama needs to know what issues are most important to you. Take a second to vote right here—before the State of the Union!

I guess the DSCC missed the part of the election where Latinos supported the President overwhelmingly in battleground states and immigration reform was a key issue.  I got a few emails from folks saying they were kind of flabbergasted about the DSCC’s omission of immigration reform.  I sure hope the Dem U.S. Senators are not on the same page as the DSCC staff.  If so, Latinos are in for a huge let down.

Robert Clemente of course hit .414 with 12 base hits and 4 RBIs won the 1971 World Serious MVP Award for the Pirates.

I don’t have much from The Yard today.


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