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Four more years began yesterday.

Commentary watched The President take the oath of office yesterday on the tube.   I’ll watch him again today.

It will be interesting to see when The White House launches the immigration reform effort.  Si se puede!

You have to figure the birthers are going bananas hearing that The President will take the oath of office four times now.  Holy FDR!

Patti Hart of the Chron had a piece in yesterday’s paper about state legislative internship programs, their value, and who pays for them.  It was in the hard copy of the Chron and online available only to subscribers.  It is an interesting piece that a lot of folks have not read and will not read.  In the piece she mentions that former El Paso State Rep. Paul Moreno is no longer with us.  I wonder if my old friend Paul read the piece – yikes!

Stan “The Man” Musial is no longer with us.  How many World Serious rings did he win?

Bonus:  Musial’s career ended after the 1963.  How many dingers did he hit against the Colt 45s?

I’m not going to say much about Carol Alvarado’s opponent sending out their fifth negative mailer attacking Carol that landed in mailboxes last Friday.  That’s five in two weeks.  I can pretty much guarantee that folks won’t get another today.

I’m also not going to say much about “Viva Houston” yesterday.

There are two more days of Early Voting in Person in the SD6 Special.

My Brown Eyed Girl is the Chair of Central Houston.  She had a piece yesterday on the challenges facing Downtown H-Town. 

Check it out.

Now that we have the Ravens and the 49ers in the Super Bowl at least we can say we beat the Ravens and we beat them pretty bad.  That’s all I can say about that.

Stan “The Man” Musial won three World Serious rings of course in 1942, 1944 and 1946.

Stan “The Man” had one dinger against the Colt 45 and that one came in the 1963 season off of Turk Farrell of course.

I wonder what Mitt Romney is up to today.

I’m not going to say much about pitcher Bud Norris being the highest paid ‘Stro at $3 million a year.


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