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Commentary’s good friend HISD Trustee Anna Eastman was elected Board President yesterday.   Commentary has said before that Anna Eastman is one of the brightest political people around.  Anna will be a darn good President.   Way to go Anna!

This has to be the quote of the day or week or month:

“My constituents have shown a lot of confidence that I’m a great public servant.”

Who said it?

The ‘Stros are inviting Rick Ankiel to spring training.  In 2000 as a member of San Luis, Ankiel was NL Rookie of the Year runner up.  Who won the award that year?

I’ve known Ben Hall since 1992 when he was picked by Bob Lanier to be City Attorney.  I was one of Lanier’s campaign consultants and help put together his administration.  I don’t have anything bad to say about Ben.  He and I have always gotten along.  Here is a bit of what he told the Chron about running for Mayor:

“This is really a world-class city, and we’re treating it as kind of nothing more than the fourth-largest city,” he said. “This city is in communication and dynamic relationships with the entire world, but we need a vision coming out of the mayor’s office that actually promotes that as a priority, as opposed to a tertiary or corollary idea.”

Here is the entire Chron post.

It kind of sounds like he’s saying we have a boring Mayor. Oh, well.

The Big Jolly fella has a take on the SD6 Special campaign reports. 

Check it out here.

Ali, err, The Dean says he’s the greatest.

The Texas Tribune has a very interesting piece today on The Dean that every Dem needs to check out here.

I wonder how The Dean feels about the piece.

Rafael Furcal of The ATL at the time won the NL Rookie of the Year in 2000 of course and now plays with San Luis.

I am really not impressed with who we are bringing to spring training.


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