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Here in H-Town, The Mayor has a little over a million in the bank and Ben Hall didn’t file anything best I can see. 

District A incumbent Helena Brown has a couple of grand plus in the bank and the same goes for At-Large CM Andrew Burks.  That could be a problem for both.

The big news out of Austin is the AG Abbott’s 6 to 1 edge over Guv Dude in cash on hand.  Of course, Dude is the more experienced campaign fighter and I can’t remember the last time the AG ever went mano-a-mano.

How many of the nine 2012 Opening Day starters for the ‘Stros are on the 2013 roster? 

The Texas Ethics Commission search engine is running kind of slow so there is nothing to report on the SD 6 Special contributions and expenditures totals.

Today begins four straight days of 7 am to 7 pm Early Voting in Person.

Speaking of, Ben Hall apparently just put out a statement saying he’s running for Mayor but he didn’t crack on The Mayor.  Don’t worry – he’ll be cracking on her soon.

The Houston Press says the ‘Stros are to blame for the Rockets not being on DirectTV.

Check it out here.

Jose Altuve (2B), J.D. Martinez (LF), Jason Castro (C), and Marwin Gonzalez () of course started on Opening Day against the Rockies last April and are still on the roster.

I don’t have anything from The Yard.



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