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GOP Statewide Candidate-to-Be George P. Bush reported raising over $1.3 million for a statewide race in 2014.  That’s not bad at all if you ask me.  I’m thinking that GOP leaders want him on the ballot in hopes that he will attract Latino voters.  They are going to run interference for him.  I don’t have a problem with that.

I am also thinking that the media likes this potential story of the new generation of Bushes.  Plus he’s of a different color of sorts.  I also don’t have a problem with this.  Of course, the hard part for this Bush is how he reacts during the upcoming legislative session on restoring funding for our public schools, sanctuary cities, and Medicaid expansion.  Does he adopt the hard right mantra coming from Guv Dude and the Lite Guv.  Plus, what does this Bush say when the debate on immigration reform begins in the coming weeks?  Does he become a kinder and gentler GOPer.  It is tough staying on the tightrope these days.  Stay tuned!

Geoff Blum – new ‘Stros broadcaster – played for 14 years in the majors.  Was he ever an All Star?

The Campaign and Expenditure reports are due today and folks will be doing some talking about them.  I wonder if H-Town potential mayoral candidate Ben Hall will file one.  Of course the reports of the SD 6 Special candidates will get some run.   So will the GOP statewide candidates.

Here is from HuffPo:

Arizona will participate in the expansion of Medicaid, Gov. Jan Brewer said Monday in her State of the State address, making her the third Republican governor to agree to one of the key components of President Barack Obama’s health care reform.

Brewer said that if she did not accept the Medicaid funds for Arizona, other states could claim those federal dollars and create jobs that otherwise would be created in Arizona. Fellow Republican governors Susana Martinez of New Mexico and Brian Sandoval of Nevada  also plan to expand Medicaid to anyone who earns up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level, which is currently $14,856 for an individual.


Although Brewer has been a consistent opponent of Obamacare, she acknowledged Monday that the law is now an unavoidable reality and that Arizona would be worse off turning down the federal dollars that will come with broadening Medicaid.

Brewer is just accepting the reality of good public policy.  Guv Dude is just playing to his base and ignoring good public policy.  I wonder what George P. Bush thinks.  I wonder if the media will ask him in the next day or so.  The Tribune today has an interview with this Bush and he really doesn’t get into specifics.

The Texas Tribune has a lead story about them asking Lone Star State Legislators to release their tax returns.  Only three have including Carol Alvarado.  It is online so I know her opponent will check it out.

A lot of folks were commenting yesterday about Jodie Foster’s riddle the other night. 

Geoff Blum never made the All Star Team of course.  He had 990 career base hits, 99 career dingers, 19 career stolen bases, and 479 career RBIs – 9-9-9! That usually doesn’t get you selected to the midsummer classic.

Spring Training is next month.


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