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Commentary is the last guy to talk about what happens within the Lone Star State GOP.  Burkablog has a take today on AG Abbott setting his sights for Governor.  Burkablog kind of hints that Guv Dude isn’t interested, is hanging them up, or is not focused.

Check out Burkablog’s take here.

Of course the current legislative session is the stage to show folks how hard right you can run so folks need to watch out and stay tuned!

The second highest vote getter of the 1996 MLB Hall of Fame voting didn’t get inducted until 2000.  Name the player?

Politico has a story today about prominent GOPers gathering in Miami this weekend to talk about fixing their Latino problem.

Check out the story here.

Of course, I don’t know why they have to meet.  They can just pass around some of the stuff I’ve been saying about bashing the Latino community and giving a nod and a wink to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.  How about fully embracing immigration reform and The DREAM Act?  Get right on our issues first.  We get to dictate our own issues, you know!

Some folks were a bit surprised when Houston Woman Magazine came out with their H-Town 50 Most Influential Women List for 2012. H-Town Council Member Helena Brown made the list.  All I can say is to get your own magazine and produce your own list.

Tony Perez was second in the 1996 Hall of Fame balloting with 65.7 % of the votes.  He got in with 77% of the votes 14 years after he stopped playing.

Sunday afternoon will be an all steel blue, battle red, or liberty white afternoon as folks around these parts hope for a minor miracle, a Hail Mary, a statue of liberty, or heck, even a dipsy doodle.

Afterwards we get to watch the Golden Globes and see if the fella on the five dominates the evening.

I don’t know if B-G-O needs a political consultant, PR guy, media advisor, or just a plain talking to.  B-G-O needed just 39 votes to get into the Hall of Fame.  B-G-O said yesterday that he would have voted for Barry Bonds and The Rocket.   That certainly isn’t going to win him any friends among the voters.  B-G-O just needs to worry about B-G-O if you ask me.


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