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Commentary read where only 44 MLBers had made the Hall of Fame on their first ballot.  B-G-O got 68.2%, short of the 75% needed.  Is B-G-O among the top 45 Hall of Famers of all time?  He is probably not.  Oh, well!  Maybe next year!  Baggy got 59.6%.

The Rocket got 38.8% – embarrassing.  Barry Bonds got 36.2% and Sammy Sosa got 12.5% – humiliating.

Here is what the Players’ Association said yesterday:

“To ignore the historic accomplishments of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, for example, is hard to justify.  Moreover, to penalize players exonerated in legal proceedings — and others never even implicated — is simply unfair.”

Here is what one of The Rocket’s lawyers not named Rusty said:

“Clemens went to hell and back to defend himself. To now lump him in with people who admitted to it, I think it’s just really unfair and in some sense un-American.  I really do.”

I don’t think The Rocket will be heading to Cooperstown anytime soon.  ‘Roids don’t rule.!

1996 was the last time nobody got elected to the Hall.  Who was the top vote getter in 1996?

On a miserable flash flood watch and warning rainy day, only 328 folks voted early in the SD 6 Special on the first day.  73 at Ripley and HCCS led the day. Let’s see if the weather and turnout improves today.

Carol Alvarado’s opponent dropped her second negative mail piece in three days.  This one has Carol smiling and holding a wad of cash – 22 fifty dollar bills.  That’s $1,100.  Oh, well!

The Oscars were announced this morning and the director of “Zero Dark Thirty” got a snub but the flick did get a few nominations.  I think Hollywood had to give it a Best Pic nomination but kept the director off the list so as to not endorse torture.  That’s just a guess of course.

I won’t be going to the movies anytime soon though.

Phil Niekro of course led the 1996 balloting with 68.3% of the vote.  Knucksie got into the Hall the following year.

I’m not going to say much about the top prospect for the ‘Stros that got 50 days off.


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