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Commentary has never been to Cooperstown even when My Brown Eyed Girl was featured a few years ago.  If B-G-O, Baggy, or both get the call today that they make the Hall of Fame, I’ll be there this summer for the ceremonies.  I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed all morning.

Where does B-G-O rank in all time career total bases?  Is he in the Top 50?

My good friend Janiece Longoria was appointed yesterday to Chair the Port Commission.  Congrats to Janiece.

She will set a high standard over there.  Here is what she had to say yesterday after getting the nod:

“We can and will strive to do better, to look for alternative ways to finance our infrastructure, to be more open and transparent, to build the template for future generations of prosperity, to include all stakeholders, to act always with integrity and honesty and to align public perception and re-establish public trust.  This will be done.”

It’s a new day over at the Port.

The Chron E-Board did a duel endorsement yesterday in the SD 6 Special.  Carol Alvarado was one of the duel recipients. 

Early Voting starts today and at Ripley, our opponent has a fellow out there making personal accusations about Carol Alvarado.  Oh, well.  I don’t see how that works as it only gets our folks fired up and gets voters upset. 

At Ripley they are also handing out that bridge mailer.  The bridge they supported.  Ditto on oh, well!

B-G-O is 33rd all time in career total bases of course with 4,711, just 1 behind Hall of Fame great Roger Hornsby and 5 ahead of Hall of Fame great Ernie Banks so I don’t want to hear that B-G-O isn’t worthy today!

Oh, I forgot.  The Big Puma will be here on Opening Day sitting in the visitors’ dugout.



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