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Burkablog has a good take as the 83rd gets underway today.  Here is a part:

The session that begins tomorrow (today) will mark the 25th in which I will be a participant–one, eons ago, as a reporter for the Daily Texan, one as a House staffer, three as a Senate committee clerk,  and the rest as a staff writer for TEXAS MONTHLY. No theater does a better job of putting human strengths and weaknesses on public display.

Here is all of Burkablog.

There is kind of a sad piece in the Chron today about Baggy.  I’m rooting for numero 5.  The article is only available to hard copy readers or subscribers.

How many post season dingers does Baggy have?

Carol Alvarado’s opponent dropped a negative mail piece attacking Carol yesterday on a bridge.  You know what that means.

Meanwhile, Carol’s campaign started running a Spanish language TV ad today about her bridge.

Check it out here.

It looks like there is only one conference in college football these days.  It also looks like the Aggies made the right move.

Check out Burkablog’s take on the Aggies and the SEC.

Baggy has two post season dingers – both against The ATL in the 2004 NLDS.

Tomorrow we find out if any ‘Stro makes it to the Hall of Fame.


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