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HuffPo has their lead piece this morning on The President getting ready to move forward on immigration reform.  Well it is about time!  Here is from the piece:

Advocates have vowed to keep pushing for reform. As part of their efforts, they plan to remind Republican members of Congress about their presidential nominee’s defeat among Latino and Asian voters, a majority of whom support a fix to the immigration system.

Here is the entire piece form HuffPo.

Si se puede – maybe!

The late Billy Martin was skipper for how many MLB clubs?

I guess we got a taste yesterday of where Sen. Ted Cruz is on the ideological spectrum.  Here is his postion on the fiscal cliff deal:

His (Cornyn’’s) soon-to-be Senate colleague from Texas, Ted Cruz, hasn’t been sworn in and didn’t get a vote, but his spokesman Sean Rushton said the incoming senator wouldn’t have supported it if given the chance. Cruz took to social media on Tuesday night to fault the proposal.

“Sadly, the Senate began 2013 by passing $620 billion in new taxes and just $15 billion in spending ‘cuts’ mere minutes after the bill was drafted,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “…Meanwhile, the real crisis — spending money we don’t have and jeopardizing our children’s future — remains totally unaddressed.”

Here is the entire piece.

Don’t be surprised to see the Lite Guv got further right than Cruz on this.

Billy Martin was skipper for the A’s, Rangers, Tigers, Twins, and Yankees of course.

I don’t have anything from The Yard.



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