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Forty-nine years ago tomorrow I’ll always remember.  Younger folks these days don’t understand Friday, November 22, 1963.  Just after noon that day we got word. The night before he was in H-Town and my Dad got to see him.  We had a black and white TV back then and we were glued to it all weekend and saw Lee Harvey Oswald go down.  We were a nation stunned that weekend.  Nothing like it had ever happened in our lifetime. I stopped wondering a while back how a JFK full term or two term administration would have turned out.  Those of us that remember will probably bring it up at the table tomorrow.  It will probably be a good history lesson for the younger ones.  I’m sure it probably doesn’t get mentioned in classrooms these days.

Who won the MLB MVP and Cy Young Awards in 1963?  (You’re good if you get this one right.)

There is lot to be thankful for these days like the 332 electoral college votes for The President and 55 Dem U.S. Senators.  Let me also thank the 47% and the other 4% for begin thankful for your “gifts” and overcoming the GOP voter suppression efforts by showing up at the polls.

Personally I am thankful that I met Traci Jensen and Joe Martinez – two exceptional candidates.  We came up short but it wasn’t because we didn’t work hard.   Let me thank Paul Morgan who ran up in HD 135 and actually won five or so precincts up in the Cy-Fair area.

Let me also be thankful for having the opportunity to work with MariGirl for all these years and her big accomplishments this year.

Let me also be thankful for being part of a voting bloc – that sounds cool – that voted 71% for The President.  Si se puede!

Check out the Chron story on the power struggle story on the Port.

Chron.com has not been joined by HoustonChronicle.com.  You have to pay for it though unless you are like Commentary and go fetch your newspaper off of the driveway in the morning.  I am not ready to offer a review at this point.

Catcher Elston Howard of the Yankees of course won the AL MVP Award and Hall of Fame great Sandy Koufax of course won both the NL MVP Award and the Cy Young Award (combined) in 1963.

The ‘Stros are getting into the Black Friday hoopla so go to The Yard this Friday and check out their offers,

Commentary will be off until next Monday so have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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