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The Big Jolly fella has an interesting take about a so-called civil war brewing within the Harris County GOP.  It’s Sen. Dan Patrick, Paul Bettencourt, and my pal Gary Polland attacking Hunker Down.   Apparently they are mad at Hunker Down because he called out a GOP PAC that he works with for putting out one of those false and misleading mailers during the past election and it got covered on Fox 26 News.  Big Jolly also takes issue with how Sen. Patrick and Uncle Paul or “Tio Pablo” as Big Jolly calls him run the local GOP.  Here is a taste:

The idea that Republicans should not try to compete in minority areas will be the death of the party. But more important, by ignoring these areas and leaving them to the ideas of liberalism, we are abandoning the future of the country. In his speech at the Robert Beren Academy this past Thursday on the issue of school choice, Sen. Dan Patrick stated that it was immoral to force children to attend failing schools. Isn’t it just as immoral to not give children in minority areas the opportunity to learn the concepts of liberty, freedom, and opportunity? Instead of abandoning the Asian, Latino, Black, and GLBT communities, we need to expand our efforts to reach them!

Yes, it appears that a civil war is brewing in the Harris County Republican Party. Fortunately, Judge Emmett is well funded and is a proven fund-raiser. Perhaps it is time for an all out war about the future of the party. If this happens, the Democrats will win sooner than expected but so what? Without structural changes in the Harris County Republican Party, they are going to win sooner or later anyway.

Here’s Big Jolly’s entire take.

I am the last guy that is going to give the local GOP advice but I wonder if Hunker Down’s attackers know that he has the best crossover appeal of all GOP elected officials.

This is an easy one and I’m kind of disappointed in myself for even offering it up.  From 1990 through 1999, name the MLB team that produced the most Cy Young Award winners?

It was nearly one of those any given Sundays yesterday as the Texans escaped with a W.  I actually thought we were going to lose.  I’m thinking most Thanksgiving dinners in H-Town this Thursday will start after 3 pm or so.

I was going to say something about the Port and the Sunset Commission recommendations and Anna Eastman’s and two of her fellow trustees’ letter to the Chron but the story and letter are not on Chron.com yet.  What is up with that?

KHOU TV weather person Gene Norman is no longer with KHOU.  What is up with that?

The Trib has a piece on George P.   I understand the fascination but will he have to run hard right to satisfy the GOP base – Tea Baggers?

Check out the piece here.

Former H-Town CM Jolanda Jones wants to run for City Council in District D but the City Attorney says she can’t.  It is pretty clear if you read the City Charter she can’t.  Oh, well! 

Check out the little story here.

I don’t have anything to say about Twinkies or Sno Balls or Ding Dongs.

The ATL of course produced six Cy Young Awards winners in the ‘90s of  with Tom Glavine (1991 and 1998), Greg Maddux (1993, 1994, and 1995), and John Smoltz (1996).

From Taggs at MLB.com:  Jim Deshaies, a popular member of the Astros’ television broadcast team for more than a decade, has interviewed for a similar position with the Cubs.

Now that would be STUPID if the team let JD leave. 


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