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There isn’t a whole lot to talk about this Friday the 16th other than to say the Port of Houston Authority is back in the cruise business down at Bayport.  That’s a good thing.  Here is this from the Chron:

"Securing this cruise business helps fulfill our commitment by building the cruise terminal to spur job creation and economic development for the entire greater Houston and Pasadena region," Jim Edmonds, chairman of the authority’s commission, said in a statement.

The Port critics have one less issue to go after.  Now if we can just settle on a new Port Chair.

Check out the entire article here.

The Cy Young Award was first handed out in 1956.  From 1956 through 1966 (11 seasons), the award was a combined leagues award.  Name the league that won it the most during the 11 seasons?

Romney keeps getting deservedly pounded by his fellow GOPers and now the late night talk show hosts for his “gifts” remarks.    GOPers just want him to go far, far away and stay away.  I wonder how it is going to feel in the Romney living room on Christmas Day when Tagg and the rest are exchanging “gifts?”

“Lincoln” leads this weekend’s movie buzz and folks are now predicting another Oscar for Daniel Day-Lewis.  I’m actually looking forward to “Hitchcock” next week.  Of course, most young folks don’t know about Alfred Hitchcock and his great films.  They also don’t know that he was nominated five times for Best Director at the Oscars but never won. 

From 1956 through 1966, the National League snagged the Cy Young Award seven times of course and the American League snagged it four times.

I don’t have anything from The Yard – sorry.


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