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Here is what the County put out yesterday evening:

As of this evening we have approved 82,946 applications and sent out 79,984 ballots.  We have received 40.566 voted ballots returned.

26,597 have been generated by the GOP and 22,539 by Dems.

In 2008 in Harris County, 76,187 requested mail ballots and 67,612 (88.7%) were returned and counted.  In 2010 in Harris County, 69,991 requested mail ballots and 55,560 (79.4%) were returned and counted.

Yesterday was the first day of Early Voting in Person and here in Harris County 47,093 participated – up from 39,201 voters on Day 1 in 2008.   Let me give you some location comparisons with the 2012 turnout number listed first.  Tomball 1457 – 1006.  Cypress Top Park 2291 – 1440.  West Gray 2556 – 2238.  Bear Creek 1636 – 1206.  Acres Home 1275 – 1220.  Palm Center 886 – 902.  Clear Lake 1720 – 1310.  Ripley House 460 – 376.  HCC 659 – 577.   Alief 1077 – 1273. Octavia Fields 1648 – 1251.

I was out at some of the locations in Northwest Harris County and there were long lines but there were a lot of folks of color.  You look at the locations up in Northwest and West Harris County and they had a bit more enthusiasm on Day 1 but we don’t know if that spells problems for Dems after all the campaigns of some Dems running out there may be getting some of their supporters out.   Let’s see what happens today.

At 38 years, 1 month, and 18 days old, this pitcher is the oldest to ever throw a complete game shutout in the World Serious.  Name the pitcher?

The Chron E-Board today endorsed Ann Johnson for HD 134. 

Check it out here.

You have to be completed addicted to the GOP talking points if you thought that Mitt Romney came close to winning last night’s debate.  There are 14 days to go then a break from the talking point heads.

Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson of course is the oldest pitcher to toss a complete game 4-0 shutout in Game 2 of the 2001 World Serious.

There is no news from The Yard.


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