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“Come Home, America” was one of the slogans of the George McGovern campaign for President in 1972.  We got our arses handed to us by Nixon that November but not because we were on the wrong side of the issues.  About a year and a half later you started to see “Don’t blame me, I voted for McGovern” bumper stickers on cars.

A framed 1972 George McGovern for President poster has been proudly and prominently displayed in the front of my office for many years now.  His 1972 campaign manager Gary Hart had this to say about Senator McGovern this past Saturday:

“McGovern was passionate, in his laconic South Dakota manner, about ending an unwinnable war in Vietnam, reducing nuclear dangers and eliminating hunger at home and abroad. But his most important legacy will be his rescue of the Democratic Party.”

He led the DNC’s McGovern Commission that reformed the Democratic Party’s rules and allowed for greater participation for women and minorities.  Thank you very much Senator McGovern.

Here is the entire Gary Hart tribute.

The World Serious is right around the corner.  Name the pitcher with the most World Serious career saves?

The Chron E-Board endorsed Mitt Romney yesterday because H-Town didn’t get a shuttle.  OK, so there was more to it than the shuttle.

Here is from the endorsement:

The Mitt Romney we are endorsing is the Massachusetts moderate who worked successfully alongside an 88 percent Democratic majority in the state Legislature to produce what the Obama administration says became its model for national health care reform.

Well, that’s not the Romney that has been running.  Remember “severely conservative.” 

What is missing from the endorsement is any mention of immigration and “self deportation” and Romney’s opposition to The DREAM Act.  Latinos make up nearly half of H-Town’s population so this could be considered a glaring omission and slight. 

Check out the editorial here.

Early Voting in Person starts today so we ought to know in a few days what turnout will look like here locally.

Yankee pitch great Mariano Rivera has 9 World Serious career saves of course.

I don’t have anything from The Yard today – sorry.


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