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The Chron E-Board endorsed Ted Cruz today for U.S. Senator.  In their endorsement here is what they said about Paul Sadler:

There’s a lot we admire about Sadler, particularly his demonstrated ability to reach across the aisle and work productively with his political opponents for the good of Texas. But Sadler is practically poking at embers to keep his campaign from burning out altogether. Why? Because of a simple lack of interest and support from his own party. Sadler’s candidacy is well-meaning, but an exercise in futility.

Here is the entire endorsement editorial.

The Chron E-Board certainly makes the Lone Star State Dem Party look irrelevant.

The Yankees were swept by the Tigers yesterday.  When was the last time the Yankees were swept in post season play?

Speaking of, Newsweek will no longer be with us next year. 

Here is what the County put out yesterday evening:

As of this evening we have approved 80,311 applications and sent out 78,100 ballots.  We have received 34,104 voted ballots returned.

26,543 have been generated by the GOP and 21,843 by Dems.

It looks like Harris County is on track to outperform 20008 in mail ballot voting so stay tuned!

Early Voting in Person starts on Monday.  Are you ready?  In a few days we will be able to figure out what part of town owns the intensity card.

What’s up with A-Roid being benched?  If you are paying him a kazillion bucks, you have to play him.

It is the Friday before Early Voting in Person and the $1.5 million bond and METRO campaigns still haven’t sent me squat. I’ve heard the METRO ad on Sports 610 and it sounds kind of confusing.  I ran into an HCC bigwig last night and the bigwig isn’t happy with the HCC bond campaign.  Maybe they all think it is in the bag.

The Yankees were swept by the Royals three zip of course in the 1980 ALCS.

The new skipper was introduced to the local media yesterday.


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