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Dave Wilson and the usual suspects got some run in various local media outlets yesterday opposing all the bonds.    What else is news?  Here is a bit from the Chron:

"There hasn’t been transparency. There is no accountability so that with this present bond election there’s no way anybody can vote for it. What we’ve got to do is send them back to the drawing board, look at something a little more reasonable," Wilson said, focusing largely on HISD.

Sorry Dave!  In your book there is no such thing as “reasonable.”   Folks can’t remember the last time you supported a bond measure.  Your whole purpose and mission these days is to be against everything.

Here is more from the Chron:

When asked if she believed Wilson’s message would gain traction, Mayor Annise Parker answered simply, "No."

I really don’t know about that.  It is easy these days to gin up support against stuff.  It is interesting that Wilson and his posse didn’t come out against the METRO initiative.  I guess they didn’t want to pi__ off Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack.

Early Voting in Person starts in six days and I still haven’t gotten a single piece of mail from the $1.5 million folks.  Oh, well! 

Check out the entire Chron story on Dave Wilson’s opposition here.

Among MLB active players with 850 or more games played, who has the highest career batting average?

Here is what the County put out yesterday evening:

As of this evening we have approved 75,791 applications and sent out 72,715 ballots.  We have received 27,032 voted ballots returned.

26,301 have been generated by the GOP and 21,368 by Dems.

In 2008 in Harris County, 76,187 requested mail ballots and 67,612 (88.7%) were returned and counted.  In 2010 in Harris County, 69,991 requested mail ballots and 55,560 (79.4%) were returned and counted.

Time is running out and after tonight I don’t know if things will change much.  It will be all about GOTV.

Albert Pujols of course leads all active MLBers with a.325 career batting average.

Bo Porter reported for duty yesterday at The Yard and will be available to the media on Thursday.


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