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Did I mention the so called Texans Hangover?  Now what we saw last night was a national embarrassing arse whipping.  It was ugly!  It was a mugging.  What a letdown!  Oh, well!

The Chron E-Board weighs in on the idea of going to single-stream recycling.  Here is part of what they say:

The biggest road bump for the project is the initial investment. Houston is taking all the right steps by looking for private grants and studying what other cities have done, but the city needs a private-sector partner.

Here is the entire E-Board take.

What is the cost?  Do we now get a garbage fee?  Can folks on the lower end of incomes afford this?  Stay tuned!

Yankee great shortstop Derek Jeter is done for the year.  How many World Serious rings does Jeter have?

Here is what the County put out Friday evening:

As of this evening we have approved 74,105 applications and sent out 71,192 ballots.  We have received 24,094 voted ballots returned.

26,150 have been generated by the GOP and 21,203 by Dems.

Commentary checked out “The Revisionaries” the other night.  It is a good movie so go check it out this week at the Sundance Theater Downtown.

The Mayor and H-Town City Council are recommending Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria for Chair of the Port Commission.

Here is the Chron story.

Commentary saw a “Vote No” sign on the METRO initiative yesterday.  I haven’t seen a “Vote Yes” sign.  I’ve seen a couple of “Vote Yes” signs for the HISD bonds. 

Derek Jeter has five World Serious rings (1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2009) of course.

I’m guessing new skipper Bo Porter is reporting to work today at The Yard.


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