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“Absolutely” replaced the “I do” or the “I will” at Saturday evening’s wedding in Austin – very cute.  Whitney Whitmire and John Jenkins were married in a lovely ceremony. Congratulations!

The county didn’t send me the mail ballot report so I don’t have anything fresh to add.

Kuffer got him a nice write up in The Leader last week.

Check it out here.

The Leader under new ownership is a lot more interesting.

Since the 2000 MLB season, which team has produced the most MVP Award winners?

We  have 29 days before we get to Election Day, Early Vote in Person begins in two weeks, and folks are still voting by mail.

When the polls showed the President with a bigger lead, GOP big shots said the polls were skewed to the left.  Now that the polls show a tighter race, GOP big shots aren’t complaining.  When the unemployment rate was 8% plus, GOP big shots were using the 8% plus to attack The President.  Now that the unemployment rate is under 8%, GOP big shots are claiming the numbers are rigged.

The Chron did a piece on County Attorney Vince Ryan and his opponent.  Here is a bit:

Ryan has endured a string of bad press and repeated criticism from County Judge Ed Emmett, but University of Houston political scientist Richard Murray said Ryan’s greatest vulnerability may be his party, in an election in which many voters will not have heard of either candidate.

Here is the entire article.

The Chron E-Board this weekend endorsed Sheriff Adrian Garcia, and County Commissioners Cagle, Lee and Radack.

In yesterday’s Chron there were dueling Op-Eds on the METRO referendum.

Check them out here.

And here.

The SF Giants have won five NL MVP Awards since 2000 of course:  Jeff Kent (2000) and Barry Bonds (2001-2004).

At around 6 pm this evening most productivity will shut down in H-Town as folks will get into their battle red, steel blue, or liberty white.

I didn’t think I would be saying this today but the Rangers next game is with the ‘Stros on Opening Day 2013.


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