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Yeah, you think you have it rough.  I had to go over to Fox 26 News this morning and talk about last night’s debate.  I couldn’t call in sick.

The Democratic talking heads are struggling to spin last night’s debate.

If you ask Commentary, Romney was a lot more aggressive last night and so that’s why he was declared the winner.    Let’s be clear.  He may have won the debate but he hasn’t won the election.  He still has to defend turning Medicare into a voucher program.  He still has to ‘splain how he is going to reduce the deficit.  Just firing Big Bird isn’t going to cut it.

It looks like Jim Lehrer moderated one too many debates.

You have to hand it to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for calling it during last Sunday’s talk shows. 

It’s funny!  A week ago GOP leaders were savaging the Romney campaign.  Today these same GOP leaders are showering the campaign with a whole lot of love.  A few days ago GOP leaders were savaging the polling methodology.  Today these same GOP leaders are touting the polls.

Congrats to Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers for winning the Triple Crown with a.330 batting average, 44 dingers, and 139 RBIs!  That’s only the fourth Triple Crown ever won during Commentary’s lifetime!

Who led the ‘Stros in RBIs this season?

On Chron.com today H-Town CM Chief Bradford warns folks about the Yale Street Bridge just down the street from Commentary.  They have reduced the load limit to 3,000 pounds per axle – whatever that means.  Bradford calls the bridge a “clear and present danger.”  I have to agree and that’s why I now avoid the bridge.  Why take chances?  I don’t know why they just don’t shut it down and play it safe.

Here is more from CM Bradford in the Chron.

As of yesterday in Harris County, 61,953 have requested mail ballots with 24,581 generated by the GOP and 19,581 by Dems. 

The ‘Stros sent some of us a survey to fill out and here are some of my responses:

What do we think of Tal’s Hill?

I think it sets us apart.  I don’t think a player has ever gotten hurt on the hill.  It is an advantage to our team because we know how to play it. It is part of the character of Minute Maid Park.

What do we think of the choo-choo train above left field?

It is unique.  It is part of the character of Minute Maid Park. It pays homage to a city that in part was built by the railroads.  A train is on the City of Houston logo and many come in to the ballpark through Union Station.   I think the team messed up by putting up those signs in left field.

What de we know about the new signage in left field?

Some of the revenue from the signs goes to city parks and the rest goes to the team.  The signage is a bad PR move and will forever be a bad PR move.

What de we think about the new signage?

I don’t think a lot of thought went into putting up the signs.  It was a money grab that the team is now trying to explain and that is offensive to some folks.

Outfielder J.D. Martinez of course led the ‘Stros with a measly 55 RBIs.

The Chron said we would go 12-18 in September/October and we went 15-15.  The Chron said we would go 65-97 this season and we went 55-107 to set a new record for losses.

Wait’ll next year!


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