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Early Voting in Person begins in three weeks and then we will start getting a picture of sorts on turnout.

Yesterday the Chron had a piece on how the Harris County countywide judicial races will fare.  My pal Robert Miller had this to day in the piece:

"I do not see a partisan sweep either way.  Strong Democrats such as (Sheriff) Adrian Garcia will win, as will strong Republicans such as (district attorney candidate) Mike Anderson."

I’ll wait and see if Robert puts forward a thoughtful and analytical piece on countywide races in the next few weeks or so.  

Here is the piece.

Kuffer has a take on countywide turnout and the Chron article.

Check it out here.

B’More clinched a playoff spot yesterday. The last time they made the playoffs was in 1997.  How did they fare in their 1997 playoff run?

Commentary attended the Community Voices for Public Education meeting this past Saturday in the Heights.  Around 50 folks showed up.  Four outstanding Democrats running for positions that have a major impact on public education spoke to the group and answered questions – Traci Jensen, Ann Johnson, Diane Trautman, and Erica Lee.   HISD Trustee Anna Eastman was there to lead a breakout pod on the HISD bonds.  There were also breakout pods on the post card campaign on reducing the over-emphasis on high-stakes standardize testing and one on the Chicago teachers strike.  It was a good gathering of folks concerned about public education.

Yesterday the Chron E-Board endorsed GOP candidate Mike Anderson for Harris County DA.  That was definitely an easy call for them.   Here is what they said about the Dem nominee:

The Democratic hopeful, Lloyd Wayne Oliver, has admitted that he files for office mostly to get his name before the public in order to drum up law business. That attitude is beyond shameful.

The E-Board didn’t say if they interviewed Oliver.

Check out the endorsement here.

Commentary watched the Schwarzenegger interview last night on “60 Minutes.”  He is an arsehole for sure.

Commentary put out this last week:

In 2008 in Harris County, 76,187 requested mail ballots and 67,612 (88.7%) were returned and counted.  In 2010 in Harris County, 69,991 requested mail ballots and 55,560 (79.4%) were returned and counted.

As of Friday in Harris County, 55,464 have requested mail ballots with 23,114 generated by the GOP and 17,778 by Dems.  I hope things aren’t slowing down.  Somebody better make a push.  We have some catching up to do.

Thanks to the Houston Texans, the Sports Section of Monday’s hard copy of the Chron is thicker than the rest of the paper.

In 1997, B’More won the AL East and went on to beat the Mariners in four in the ALDS then lost to the Tribe in six in the ALCS of course.

The ‘Stros and Rockets launch their own network this afternoon.  Comcast SportsNet Houston signs on at 5 pm today on Comcast 639.  It is not on U-Verse or DirectTV yet.  Check it out if you feel like having more ‘Stros misery.

We knocked the Brewers out of contention yesterday.  We’re sitting on 106 losses and now have three opportunities to put the Cubbies in the 100 loss column. 


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