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It is a known fact that Traci Jensen’s opponent for State Board of Education (SBOE), District 6 supports abstinence-based-only education programs. 

The lead story in today’s Chronicle starts off like this:

Some Houston-area school districts are shifting away from traditional abstinence-only sex education classes this school year, part of a statewide trend that has prompted concern among some parents that kids are learning too much, too soon about sex.

The Spring Branch and Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District are the latest in the area to adopt an "abstinence-plus" program. Seventh-graders will take the 12-lesson program created by the University of Texas Prevention Research Center in Houston that teaches about contraception, unplanned pregnancy and condom use, in addition to abstinence.

Most of Spring Branch ISD and Cy-Fair ISD fall within SBOE, Dist. 6.  Traci’s opponent, Donna Bahorich, is clearly advancing her political ideology over the interests of the children of  SBOE 6.

Here is the entire Chron piece.

Who says this race isn’t important?

Kuffer has a good take on the SBOE 6 race.  He responded to the campaign memo we sent out earlier this week.  Here is how he sums it up:

There’s no question that Jensen is a strong, well-qualified candidate. There’s no question that her opponent is a wacko ideologue who will make the SBOE a worse place than it already is. Unfortunately, there’s also no question that this district was drawn to elect a Republican. To have a shot at winning, Jensen is going to need to convince a fair number of Republicans to vote for her instead. How many? Well, take a look at the 2008 numbers for the redrawn district. Assuming roughly the same conditions, Democratic candidates face a gap of about 100,000 votes, meaning that some 50,000 Republicans need to be flipped. That’s a tall order. Now, it’s entirely possible that the district has moved in a Democratic direction since 2008 – the comparable gap for a Democrat in the 2004 election would have been closer to 150,000 votes – but there’s still going to be a gap. This is the challenge Jensen faces.

I don’t want to be a buzzkill. I do believe this race can be won, and I think it’s vitally important to work on it. Boosting turnout in this growing and dynamic area is a key component in addition to winning converts. This is an important race, and Traci Jensen deserves your support in it.

Here is the entire Kuffer.

At The Yard last night, ‘the ‘Stros won their 46th game.  When is the earliest date the team has ever won 46 – guessing the year will be good enough?

Don’t forget Traci’s reception next Wednesday!

Here in Harris County, are we now going to refer to election night as the night of the living dead?  The Chron E-Board gets into the dead man voting issue.

Check it out here.

I wonder when Guv Dude will be calling a special election to fill the vacancy in HD 128.  According to the Chron’s Patti Hart, HD 128 State Rep. Wayne Smith got a letter saying he was a goner.

Check out Hart’s piece here.

Speaking of Dude, he put out a press release on the Libya attack.  Doesn’t Dude know that nobody gives a rat’s arse what he thinks about foreign affairs?

HISD Board of Trustees got around to passing an ethics policy last night.  The vote was unanimous.  Now let’s see if it is going to work or see if some folks will try to game the system.

Here is Ericka Mellon’s article.

On June 21, 1998, the ‘Stros beat the Reds 3-1 at the Dome to go 46-28 of course.

Only 13,000 and change were at The Yard to see the ‘Stros come from behind and beat the Phillies.  A line shot foul ball was hit in Commentary’s direction and I reached up for it with my lid and snagged it but it ripped the lid out of my hand.   A nurse from Stonewall County sitting behind me picked it up.  That’s cool.  They are handing out blankets tonight, Los Astros T-Shirts tomorrow, and posters on Sunday.

Junction Jack is a goner but they are letting him stay for the rest of the season.  That’s what we call dead wabbit walking!


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I really don’t have a tough time believing the latest poll of Lone Star State voters that says The President only gets 17% of the White vote compared to 77% for Romney.  When you think about it, look at the faces of those that have been bashing the President in the Lone Star State the past three and a half years – Guv Dude, AG Abbott, the Lite Guv, and Sen. Cornyn.  You get the picture.  It’s Black and White.  When you think about it some more, the face of The President’s defender in the Lone Star State is the Mayor of SA.  Who else?   So it really doesn’t surprise me that The President leads 90% to 6% among Black voters in the Lone Star State.  Of course, we’re not supposed to be talking about race in politics in 2012.  Sure! 
Here is the Texas Tribune story on the poll.

That’s what happens when you don’t have a two-party state.

The 2013 ‘Stros schedule was released yesterday – name next year’s interleague opponents? 

Burkablog is already talking about 2016.

A poll of voters in the U.S. of A. says most folks think The President will win the debates.

Another poll says Dems are starting to get more interested in the race for Prez.

A lot of the national talking heads are saying that the electoral map is starting to look more difficult for Romney.

That’s still not stopping Guv Dude and his SOS from kicking live dead folks off of the voter rolls.  Why are they doing this?

The Brewers, Cubbies, Pirates, Reds, Rockies, and San Luis of course are our 2013 interleague opponents.  Get used to it!

In late May we have two games at home against the Rockies followed by two games at Coors.  We play at The Yard on the holidays:  Memorial Day (Rockies), Fourth of July (Rays), and Labor Day (Twins).

The Red Sox visit The Yard the first week of August and the Yankees visit the final weekend of the season.

You know I’m hurting when I’m already talking about next year’s schedule and we still have 19 games left on this season’s schedule.

Before the game reliever Mickey Storey came out by my seats and hugged a little girl – his daughter.  In the eighth inning he was put in the game and got smacked on the jaw by a line drive.

Junction Jack will be laid to rest after the next homie.

The best thing about last night was seeing Cheech Marin throw out the first pitch.


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First it was the Voter I.D. legislation.  Now it’s getting a greeting letter claiming you are dead so don’t bother to go to the polls.  Maybe some folks will get letters informing them that they are felons so they can’t vote.  How about a letter saying it turns out you aren’t 18 so you can’t vote.  How about a letter where we are told that they reprinted the Constitution and forgot to proof read it and subsequently left out the 19th and 24th Amendments.  I have to give the Lone Star State extra credit for going out of their way to keep us from showing up at the polls.

The rap on the Romney campaign is that they don’t have any grown-ups on their foreign policy team.  I think that showed late last night when they came out and attacked The White House over the deaths of a U.S. Ambassador and other embassy personnel in Libya.  Not all the facts were in out about the attack and they kind of looked stupid trying to score political points over a tragedy.

In 1971, A’s ace Vida Blue won the AL Cy Young going 24-8 and helping the A’s win the AL West.  The AL Cy Young Award runner-up that year went 25-14.  Who am I talking about?  Hint:  In his only World Serious he pitched three complete games.

It looks like the HISD Board of Trustees is finally going to adopt an ethics policy tomorrow.  It may not be perfect but it is a start.
Check out the Chron here.

Commentary participated in last night’s Candidates Café over at the United Way.  It was kind of an interesting set-up.  They had you sit at a table with one or two candidates for office and have a discussion on a topic for twenty minutes then move to another table.  For one session I purposely sat at the table with the Dem nominee for Harris County DA.  The topic involved getting elected officials to improve on decision making processes.  The subject of ethics and ethics violation enforcement was brought up.  Our Dem nominee certainly had an interesting take.

Tiger hurler Mickey Lolich of course was the AL Cy Young Award runner-up in 1971.  During the 1968 World Serious against San Luis, Lolich started, won and completed Games 2, 5, and 7 and got the Tigers a ring.  Mickey Lolich is celebrating his 72nd BD today.

The ‘Stros won a game last night, B-G-O is helping the team interview managerial candidates, and the 2013 schedules will be released today so we will know when the Red Sox and Yankees visit The Yard.


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It’s been eleven years and we will always remember!

CEWDEM and my pal Robert Miller put out the NY Times piece on waiting for Godot – the Latino vote to show up in the Lone Star State and like Superman save the Dem Party from distress.
In case you hadn’t read it, here it is.

Here is what Commentary had to say back in June:

Here is from hoping you don’t wish upon a star or maybe the Harris County Dem Chair should not have said anything department.  It is from a Houston Press piece today about waiting on Godot, errr the local Latino vote to show up:

Democrats may presage the looming Hispanic vote, but the percentage of residents in this demographic who actually do so has, in fact, dropped. In 2004, roughly 42 percent of Latinos went to the polls. Then, in 2008, that number deflated to 38 percent. Two years ago, even lower: around 22 percent. Across the nation, the population of registered Hispanic voters shriveled from 11.6 million in 2008 to 10.9 million in 2010.
So what’s going to make this year any different?

I certainly don’t have a problem with the NY Times checking out Commentary and using my Godot line.  Of course, Commentary has been talking about waiting for Godot for the last decade and a half and Godot has been written up a kazillion times or so.  I’m not going to get in to calling out folks.  Here is the problem though.

The Lone Star State Dem Party is a Party of targeting and not nurturing.  Rather than growing the Party, we focus on a few congressional and legislative races every election cycle.  A lot of them are the same congressional and legislative districts. It is happening again this election cycle. 

Dems are fighting to get to 56 or 57 members of the Texas House, hanging on to SD 10, and for another couple of members of Congress.  I don’t have a problem with that but if that’s all there is we’re not going to grow the Latino in places like Harris and surrounding counties and where a lot of the state’s population growth is. If you really want to get serious about turning Texas blue, the Party needs to chase the Latino growth.   It may not get you legislative seats in November, but it could in Novembers to come. 

Some of the articles make it sound like the Latino voter just doesn’t care and doesn’t want to play.  The Lone Star State Democratic Party just hasn’t made the investment – pure and simple.  Until you make the investment, when they don’t show up to vote, don’t blame them!

BTW:  Estragon is one of the two lead actors in the play “Waiting for Godot.”  He has the first line of the opening act of the play:  “Nothing to be done!”

The ‘Stros announced their all-time 25 player roster yesterday and here is a part of the press release.  How many of the 25 never made the MLB All-Star Team as a ‘Stro?

The all-time roster was assembled as part of the Astros’ 50th anniversary celebration and consists of 13 position players, 12 pitchers and manager Larry Dierker, who was also voted to the team as a pitcher. The group includes starters at each position, a five-man rotation, a seven-man bullpen with a designated closer and five utility players.

The starting position players named to the all-time roster are catcher Alan Ashby, first baseman Jeff Bagwell, second baseman Craig Biggio, third baseman Doug Rader, shortstop Craig Reynolds and outfielders Lance Berkman, Cesar Cedeno and Jose Cruz.

The starting rotation consists of five right-handers: Dierker, Joe Niekro, Nolan Ryan, Roy Oswalt and Mike Scott. Five of the seven pitchers in Houston’s all-time bullpen were actually starters during their days with the Astros. That bullpen includes J.R. Richard, Shane Reynolds, Mike Hampton, Dave Smith, Don Wilson and Roger Clemens as well as appointed closer Billy Wagner.

Rounding out the all-time roster are utility players Jimmy Wynn, Bob Watson, Joe Morgan, Bill Doran and Ken Caminiti, all of whom were everyday players throughout their time in Houston.

October 4 can’t come soon enough.  That’s the day after the ‘Stros are done for 2012.  13,000 and change last night and I didn’t make it.  I handed off my tickets to one of my Planned Parenthood pals.

Today the Chron has a piece on The Rocket and a possible comeback at The Yard.  Oh brother!  The Rockets says he’d like to pitch against a contender.  The owner says this:

“I don’t think we would consider that. I think if we did that, it would not be against a contender.”

Then this from the Chron:

Regarding (owner Jim) Crane’s comments that Clemens would not pitch against a playoff contender, Luhnow added, “I do believe that maintaining the integrity of the playoffs is always high on our priority list.”

How about maintaining the integrity of baseball and the team?  I know the team is losing games like crazy but that doesn’t mean the front office has to lose their minds and go crazy!
Here is the entire Chron piece on The Rocket.

Of the 25 players on the All-Time ‘Stros Roster, Alan Ashby, Bill Doran, and Doug Rader of course never made it to the MLB All Star Game as a ‘Stro.

Maybe the team can hire The Rocket and his kids to go dismantle the hideous sign in left field.


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The DREAMer activists across the U.S. of A. need to be trading high fives right now for getting their concerns prominently addressed at last week’s Democratic Party National Convention.  The President, Vice-President, the keynoter, and a host of speakers all addressed the plight of the DREAMers.  Heck, the historic appointment of Justice Sonia Sotomayor barely got a mention.

A DREAMer was even invited to the podium to speak.  You have to give the DREAMers full credit for their efforts. They have kept The DREAM Act and immigration reform alive and have kind of set the agenda on the fight for the Latino vote over the next eight weeks.  Way to go DREAMers!

Meanwhile, the Chron E-Board lectured major Dems donors for leaving the Lone Star State Dem Party behind.  Here is part of it:

Congratulations to state Republicans on their successes. These are the product of literally decades of grass-roots cultivation that have brought the GOP from literally nowhere to dominance.

If state Democrats want to change that, they’ll have to do almost the same – and that starts with opening wallets for their candidates at every level across the state – as well as being certain that those candidates are well vetted and qualified.

Here is all of it.

The 2013 MLB schedules will be announced this Wednesday.  Name the three NL teams that we have never faced on Opening Day?

Meanwhile, Burkablog reiterated that he doesn’t have high regard for the folks that run the Lone Star State Dem Party.  Here is part:

(SA Mayor Julian) Castro flashed signs of big-time political talent in his speech at the Democratic convention, but he is faced with the same problem as all Texas Democrats: all dressed up with no place to go.

Democrats are not positioned to win a statewide race anytime soon. They don’t have the party infrastructure to win–the money, the organization, the top-tier consultants.

Ouch!  Here is all of Burkablog.

What else is new?

The Chron E-Board endorsed the METRO proposal yesterday.

Check it out here.

At the Houston GLBT PAC endorsement meeting this past Saturday, a vote on the METRO proposal was put off until next month’s meeting.  Commentary heard some grumbling from a few folks in attendance.  They are unhappy with the proposal.  They think METRO caved in to the County. 

A poll that was reported by the Chron this past weekend said that 39% of voters would support the METRO proposal.  This initiative is going to have grass roots opposition.  I don’t know if I would bet on its passage today.  Hey, that’s why we have campaigns.

This past Saturday the Chron business section had a piece about local car dealers and The President’s auto bailout move.  Here is a taste:

"Despite what Romney says, he would have done it, too," said Carroll Smith, owner of Monument Chevrolet in Pasadena. "I think anybody sitting in that seat would have, because it was the right thing to do. How could you not?"

Smith explained: "I’m very much conservative and a free-market advocate, but it wasn’t a free market in play then. The credit market completely shut down, and there was no money to be borrowed."


Smith, though, said he is simply more aligned with Romney when it comes to "business, taxation and leadership." Of Obama and the bailout, he said, "He did it and I applaud him, but I’m not going to vote for him."

What a moron!   What an idiot!  What an arsehole! 

We need to put this fella in a windowless room and make him listen to last week’s Jennifer Granholm’s fiery speech on the bailout 100 times. 

Check out the entire piece here.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney is taking Senator John Kerry’s advice and trying to wrap up the debate with himself as he now likes parts of Obamacare.  This fella is a worm.

Lisa Gray of the Chron slapped around the new owner of the ‘Stros for putting up those hideous signs in left field.  For some they block the cool view of Downtown H-Town.    The team says the signs are generating money for local parks.  Oh, well!  There is nothing but bad news from The Yard these days. 

Check out Lisa Gray’s column here.

Things should turn around on November 14 when Sir Paul takes the field at The Yard.

The ‘Stros have never played against the D-Backs, the Fish, and the Mets of course on Opening Day and next year’s Opening Day foe will be the Rangers at The Yard.  We finally won a series and today the Cubbies come in for three.  Come on out to The Yard during this seven game homie if for no other reason than to be there when we finally lose numero 100 – yikes!


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Today the County can start accepting mail ballot applications.  The County will begin sending out mail ballots on September 22 – in 15 days.  So folks will start voting on Monday, September 24 – got it!

I hope my Dad takes my Mom to Luby’s today.  After all, they are celebrating their 66th wedding anniversary today – yikes!

Morning Joe was asked to compare the two conventions this morning and he said it wasn’t Ali vs Frazier, but rather Ali vs Wepner – “the Bayonne Bleeder.” 

Here is what Burkablog said about The President’s speech:

I thought Obama had to do two things tonight. One was tell the nation what he was going to do in the next four years that he hadn’t done in the past four years.  He did some of that–cut the deficit, cut oil imports, improve fuel economy–but there were no big ideas in the speech. It was a speech of a man who was tired of the game. The other thing that he had to do was lower expectations. That he did do. He made several references to the seriousness of the economic crisis. He showed some enthusiasm for attacking Romney and Ryan, but nothing new, just the predictable attacks on the banks. There weren’t a lot of opportunities for the Democratic delegates to cheer. Obama was like Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner, a sadder but wiser man after four tough years in office.  CNN spent a lot of time talking about the enthusiasm gap between Tampa and Charlotte. I think it’s real. After being one-upped by Clinton last night, Obama is going to have to raise the level of his game.

Senator John Kerry had some good lines including the one about asking Bin Laden if he is better off today than four years ago and the one about Romney learning about Russia by watching “Rocky IV.”

The Nationals are headed to the MLB playoffs and have the best record in baseball.  When was the last time the Nationals franchise made the playoffs?

I would say The President hit a grand salami last night and his speech was better than any from Tampa and that’s for sure!

VP Biden also hit a grand salami and he didn’t do it “the Bain way.”

DREAMers also got a few mentions last night. 

Sylvester Turner added another reason for turning the Lone Star State blue.  Let’s see restoring funding for Planned Parenthood, putting more money into public education, lowering the cost of college tuition, no more sanctuary city debates, embracing Obamacare, and now Dems getting to stay at better hotels during the Dem National Conventions.  I don’t have a problem with that.

Sir Paul will be in H-Town on November 14.

The Expos/Nationals beat the Phillies 3 games to 2 in the 1981 NL Playoffs and then lost to the Dodgers 3 games to 2 in the NLCS – the only time this franchise has made the playoffs. 

We’re in Cinncy for three in case you care.  Hey, the Reds are in first.


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It is being reported that Gabby Giffords will make an appearance this evening in Charlotte.   That’ll get the crowd going!

During last night’s roll call for President when states give their chamber of commerce pitch before casting their votes, the Chair of the Lone Star State Dems gave a shout out to the 100,000 DREAMers in the Lone Star State.  Nice job.

SA DREAMer Benita Veliz also did a great job last night saying The President “has fought for my community.” 

President Clinton set a convention record by slugging three grand salamis last night.  GOP consultant Alex Castellanos gave him major props.  Wolf Blitzer said it was the best Clinton speech ever. 

MariGirl was texting me toward the end of President Clinton’s speech and predicted when Clinton would mention The DREAMers and predicted when The President would join him on stage.  Here is what MariGirl said:

“Clinton nailed it and he didn’t even have to pull out a chair!”

Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” was icing on the cake.

I’m putting my money on The President this evening.

Some say that Mario Cuomo (1984), Ann Richards (1988), and Barack Obama (2004) gave better keynotes than Mayor Castro.   Yeah, but we lost all three of those Prez races.

Some GOPers were calling Dems out for bringing back Senator Ted Kennedy from the graveyard to bash Romney Tuesday night. Yeah, but it is our graveyard.

Name the MLB team with the record for most dingers in a game?

The Chron has a piece today on SA Mayor Castro and Ted Cruz.

You can check it here.

Here is what the Chron misses.  Cruz doesn’t address Latino community issues.  He makes his appeal to Tea Baggers.  Mayor Castro addresses Latino concerns.  That’s a big difference.

Lisa Falkenberg has an interesting piece on the new Education Commissioner.

Check it here.

Traci Jensen’s opponent for State Board of Education, District 6, GOPer Donna Bahorich, said the following on her Greater Houston Partnership questionnaire when asked about funding for public education in the Lone Star State:

Unfortunately, (public) education funding (in Texas) will be even more of a challenge with spending increases forecast for Health and Human Services as a result of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

I forwarded the Bahorich response to a Dem insider up at the State Capitol and got this reply:

“This sounds like typical Teabag/GOP rhetoric about government spending.  In Texas, with a booming population, the state’s budget should reflect that growth, not be shrinking.  As has always been the case in governing, it is not an “either-or” proposition.  Prior to this asinine Tea Party movement, government had always been able to identify its priorities and found ways to fund those.  The suggestion this quote makes that we have to make a choice between funding H&HS or public education is just ridiculous.  We have the means and the resources to appropriately fund both, but the political will of the majority party is more interested in pandering to their vocal minority (Tea Party types) and special interests.  Campaigning is easy, and governing is hard.  These newly elected officials have a gross misunderstanding of what it takes to govern effectively and are willing to put a generation of Texans at risk for their own political livelihoods.”

The Dem nominee for Harris County DA gets to stay on the ballot.  Just leave it alone and move on and keep pushing the straight Dem ticket.  It is not too late to just shut this can of worms.  Don’t give this fella any more publicity.

The Friends of Terence H. Fontaine for Houston City Council District D put out an email early today.  Somebody needs to tell them to put a disclaimer on it.

On September 14, 1987, the Jays smacked 10 dingers against B’More in one game of course to set the MLB record.

I’m not going to say anything about losing our 95th game last night.


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The best way to describe last night’s nine o’clock hour of the Democratic Party National Convention is to put it in baseball-speak.  It was like watching one of those baseball games where your team had a couple of innings where everyone batted around.  In the case of The First Lady everyone batted around twice.

There is no doubt that SA Mayor Julian Castro smacked a grand salami.  Here is what Burkablog said:

I thought Julian Castro exceeded expectations in his keynote address. The speech itself was nothing special, but Castro rode its momentum all the way. He hit the right notes–middle class, family, opportunity, Mom, America, working together. All the cliches, in other words, but what is a keynote for if not to sound the right notes? There was none of the meanness of the Republican speeches. Castro has a very live face and he can turn expressions on and off, and the smile is huge. When he did attack, he did so in a way that let the audience have fun.

Mayor Castro delivered some good ones that fired up folks including:

Mitt Romney, quite simply, doesn’t get it. A few months ago he visited a university in Ohio and gave the students there a little entrepreneurial advice. "Start a business," he said. But how? "Borrow money if you have to from your parents," he told them. Gee, why didn’t I think of that? Some people are lucky enough to borrow money from their parents, but that shouldn’t determine whether you can pursue your dreams. I don’t think Governor Romney meant any harm. I think he’s a good guy. He just has no idea how good he’s had it.


We know that you can’t be pro-business unless you’re pro-education.


My grandmother never owned a house. She cleaned other people’s houses so she could afford to rent her own. But she saw her daughter become the first in her family to graduate from college. And my mother fought hard for civil rights so that instead of a mop, I could hold this microphone.

Mayor Castro certainly did his job.  He knocked it out of the park.  When he had to, he did an excellent job of filleting Romney.  He also made it very difficult for the GOP to make inroads into the Latino vote talking about The Dreamers and referencing his mom.  There was a lot of pride in the Latino community last night and Latinos across the country will have an extra bounce in their step today.  His job wasn’t to fire up the base.  His job was to help nail down the Latino vote.   Great job, Mayor!

After The First Lady spoke, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer said she hit a “grand slam.”  I say she hit two grand salamis in the same inning.  It was kind of like watching player after player cross home plate in a single inning.  We scored a lot of runs last night.  The First Lady poured it on.  She is getting rave reviews including kudos from GOPers.  I don’t even recall if she took a shot at Romney.  She moved the needle without mentioning the opposition.

What is the MLB modern day record for most runs ever scored in an inning?

Commentary just got back from the Greater Houston Partnership “Meet the Candidates: State Board of Education” Forum.  NEWSFLASH:  Traci Jensen’s opponent is now blaming Obamacare for future funding cuts in public education in the Lone Star State.   It looks like that is what they (the GOP) are going to be saying next legislative session.

Donna Bahorich (Traci’s opponent) steered clear of her party’s position on critical thinking when the issue came up this morning.  In her opening, she also didn’t mention her home schooling business or her home schooling her kids.  Traci was by far the most articulate, knowledgeable, and concise. 

On June 18, 1953, the Red Sox put 17 runs up on the scoreboard in the bottom of the 7th inning against the Tigers of course at Fenway.

Wandy beat us last night and now we are six games away from the dreaded 100 – oh no!!!!


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SA Mayor Julian Castro gets ready to meet the world this evening and The President’s campaign manager is making a bold prediction.  This is from today’s Texas Tribune:

"You’re in for one of those moments that 10 years from now, you’re going to say, ‘I was there when he gave that speech,’" Jim Messina, President Barack Obama’s campaign manager, who said he’d seen a draft of Castro’s speech, told The Washington Post.

One thing about The President’s campaign – they know what they are doing.  I think for most if not all Latino Democratic leaders across the U.S. of A., there is probably a lot of nervous anticipation.   Latino households throughout the country will be tuned into his speech.  Old, young, professional, hourly wage earners, moms, dads, and students will be rooting and praying for The Mayor and thinking si se puede.

The media has been making it a huge deal that The Mayor is the first Latino to ever give a keynote address at a Democratic Party National Convention.  I really don’t think the media realizes how big of a deal it is within the Latino community.  If The Mayor knocks it out of the park like Jim Messina has predicted Latinos across the country will have an extra bounce in their step tomorrow morning.

Here is more from The Trib:

With Julián Castro just hours away from making his national debut, some Texas Democrats say their comeback begins tonight.

In 1992, the Astrodome hosted the Republican Party National Convention forcing the ‘Stros to go on a very long road trip.  How long was their road trip while the Dome was converted into a convention and while the convention was held?

There are a few other stories today about the future of the Lone Star State Democratic Party.  In today’s Chron, here is one that is telling or interesting:

National Democratic leaders sought an all-out push in the fall for the Hispanic vote, telling delegates from Texas and other red states Monday to campaign in crucial battleground states for President Barack Obama.

The delegates were urged to take a week off and flood minority neighborhoods in swing states such as Colorado, Florida and Nevada and push voters to the polls.

Here is the entire article.

Latino Dems in red states have to do what they have to do with their time but let’s not forget Harris County and Latino turnout here.

In 1992, thanks to the Dome hosting the GOP national convention, the ‘Stros went on a 26 game roadie of course from July 27, 1992 through August 23, 1992.

Brett Wallace had a three-run dinger yesterday in Pittsburgh.  That’s seven dingers this season for Wallace – all on the road.  The ‘Stros won and are now 14-53 on the road.


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Here is what the Traci Jensen campaign put out Friday:

Democratic nominee Traci Jensen and her Republican opponent, Donna Bahorich, both running for State Board of Education, District 6, will square off at the Greater Houston Partnership “Meet the Candidates: State Board of Education” forum at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at GHP headquarters (1200 Smith, Houston, TX 77002). This will be the first time in this campaign season both candidates will be together answering tough questions about the troubled public education system in Texas.

“I look forward to discussing with my opponent how to address the current systemic denigration of our public education by the State Board of Education,” said Traci Jensen. “GHP members will have the opportunity to hear specific positions from both candidates on the voucher system, health education in regards to sex education, history and social studies curriculum, and other key public education issues,” said Jensen.

Diversity will shine this week in Charlotte as we will soon enter the last two months of the campaign.  The Latino vote will most certainly be the subject of talking heads over the next four days.  Here is from the SA Express News this weekend:

The Republican Party, of course, is clinging to whatever shred of the Hispanic vote it has preserved since the primary debates, when Mitt Romney declared his preference for “self-deportation.”

The GOP strategy to control its losses was on display at the Republican National Convention, where stars such as Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz of Texas were given prime speaking slots. Listen carefully, though, to what these politicians are saying.

“What they argue is that America holds out to Hispanics exactly what it holds out to everybody else, and that is the American dream,” says Cal Jillson, a professor of political science at Southern Methodist University. “The Republican argument is a colorblind argument, that the American dream is held out to every American that’s willing to work for it, and I think lots of Hispanics wonder whether or not that’s exactly true.”

As with most sweeping platitudes, it’s not.

Consider the GOP-led Texas Legislature, which was far from colorblind in its passage of redistricting maps and a voter ID law. In both cases, Washington courts last week ruled the laws discriminatory toward minorities.

Here is the entire article.

It only matters if Latinos turnout.  I think they will in states like Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico.  I worry about what is happening here and in the Lone Star State.

Saturday night they handed out Jeff Kent Bobbleheads commemorating Kent’s walk-off three run dinger in the bottom of the ninth against San Luis in Game 5 of the NLCS on 10/18/04.  Name the San Luis pitcher that served up the ninth inning dinger?

The Chron E-Board endorsed the HCC bonds yesterday. 

Check it out here.

CWA’s Claude Cummings made the Kiss Kam Friday night.

Just about all of the team gear is on sale at The Yard.  I got me a commemorative lid for half price. T-shirts are for $10.  The team is getting a new look next year so they are trying to get rid of the current stuff.

Yesterday I muffed a foul ball but ended up with it and gave it to MariGirl who in turn gave it to a kid.  A couple of innings later I ended up with another off of a rebound and handed it to another kid.  So I’ll just say I got one yesterday for four for the season with 13 home games left.

Jason Isringhausen of course served up the walk-off dinger to Jeff Kent.

Yesterday was Milo’s 85th birthday and they handed out Milo Bobbleheads.  We sang Happy Birthday to Milo and he blew out the candles on his cake.  MariGirl said the cake probably could have fed the sparse crowd that attended.

The Chron said we would go 10-17 in August.  We were 5-22.  They said we would be 53-79 at the end of August.   We were 40-92.  We have to go 22-6 the rest of the way to avoid another 100 loss season – yikes!


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