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At our meeting with the ‘Stros front office Sunday, I kind of called out the GM for “misrespecting” the fans by trading away the veteran players this year and leaving us with a bunch of nobodies.  I told him that pro sports franchises think they are smarter than the fans when in fact often they are not.  I told him that fans were responding by not showing up at The Yard.  I also told him that some of us would appreciate it if they were just honest and just tell us that in order for the team to get better, we’re going to have to get lousy first.  He responded in baseball jargon and sound bites and with a kind of “trust us, we know what we’re doing” attitude.  Oh yeah, well you have 104 losses to date.

Here is another pro sports fella that thinks he’s smarter than us.  The NFL Commissioner probably thought it was OK to use replacement refs and that nobody would notice.  One of the lead stories this morning is the blown call on the last play of last night’s Packers-Seahawks game.  You got folks that aren’t fans talking about the blown call.  This story got more time this morning on “Today” than the race for Prez.  The NFL Commissioner is looking like a complete dumbarse today.   Hey, he’s smarter than us though.

As of yesterday in Harris County, 50,038 had requested mail ballots with 21,465 GOP generated and 16,278 Dem generated.

Name the two former ‘Stros pitchers that each started six post season games for the ‘Stros?  (One of the two will probably surprise you.)

I try not to get into things I don’t know much about like the shooting of the fella in a wheelchair by an HPD officer.  I’m just glad that we have a police chief that isn’t afraid to request the FBI to come in and investigate.

Traci Jensen will participate in another educator event this evening.

Speaking of, The Texas Freedom Network will have a special screening of “The Revisionaries” on Friday, October 12 at the Sundance Theater in Downtown H-Town.  This the documentary about our State Board of Education.

Get info here.

In case you are wondering, if the World Serious goes seven, it will end on Thursday, November 1.

Nolan Ryan and Brandon Backe of course each started six post season games for the ‘Stros.

Commentary forgot to mention snagging foul ball numero cinco this past Saturday.  I gave it to a kid.

Oh yeah, did I mention 104 losses, San Luis fans probably outnumbered ‘Stros fans, the lowest turnout in the history of The Yard last night, and that they are smarter than us?    


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