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The Chron put out more endorsements today in the civil district courts department.

Check them out here.

Early Voting in Person starts in about a month and you can’t vote early at Moody Park.  You have to vote at Holy Name Church on Marion Street about a dozen or so blocks from Moody. 

Tomorrow the first batch of mail ballots will be dropped off at the post office and folks will get them on Monday.  Are you ready?

Here is an easy one.  Name the ‘Stros starting pitcher for Game 1 of the 1980 NLCS?

Traci Jensen had another quality event with educators yesterday in the Cy-Fair area.  They are all supporting her.  We’ll be having another event with educators on Tuesday.

This is from Gallup.com:

Voters in the 12 states USA Today and Gallup consider the key swing states that could decide the 2012 presidential election are now significantly more enthusiastic about voting this fall than they were in June. Six in 10 (59%) are either "extremely" or "very" enthusiastic, up from 46%.

Voter enthusiasm in these states has grown among members of both political parties; however, Democrats’ level has increased more. Thus, whereas equal percentages of Democrats and Republicans were enthusiastic in June, Democrats are now significantly more enthusiastic than Republicans, 73% vs. 64%.

Independents’ enthusiasm also jumped substantially over this period — up 18 points, similar to the 20-point gain among Democrats; however, independents’ enthusiasm still lags behind that of both partisan groups.

This is obviously good news for The President’s campaign. 

We’re not a swing state so we don’t get to see or hear any of the campaign ads so our enthusiasm factor is not as high.  We only get to see or hear the news coverage of the campaigns.  We’re kind of sitting in the cheap seats.

Ken Forsch of course was the starting pitcher for the ‘Stros in Game 1 of the 1980 NLCS.  BTW:  We lost 3-1.

The ‘Stros start their final homie of the season this weekend.  This will be the last time to see the team at home as an NL team. 


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