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At The Yard last weekend a ‘Stro hit a dinger off of the Chick-fil-A pole but this time for obvious reasons I didn’t cash in my ticket.  Yesterday a report surfaced that said Chick-fil-A was through giving money to groups that go after the GLBT community.   I want to hear it from the cow’s mouth, err Chick-fil-A folks first.  Lisa Falkenberg devotes her column today on Chick-fil-A maybe singing a different tune.  For now you can only read it in the hard copy.

Traci Jensen had a nice turnout last night at her reception.  H-Town CMs James Rodriguez and Jerry Davis, Dem Party Chair Lane Lewis, former HISD Trustee Paula Arnold, Charles Kuffner, some business execs, educators, and precinct chairs made up the crowd.  Traci will be meeting with more educators this afternoon.

1980 was the first year ever the ‘Stros made the playoffs.  Who was the leadoff batter for the ‘Stros in Game 1 of the 1980 NLCS?

I went out and checked the shuttle do a flyover of Downtown yesterday.  I guess that’s the best we could do.  It did a flyover of the Lone Star State Capitol this morning.  Most of the local TV shows interrupted their programming this morning to show the shuttle takeoff from Ellington.  I kind of think that was rubbing it in of sorts.

Romney is now for the 100% and tomorrow he will be for the 110%.

The Chron E-Board is still a regular reader of Commentary as they came out with their first candidate endorsements today.   They endorsed civil court judges.

Check it out here.

They didn’t endorse a couple of my pals – drats!

The Greater Houston Restaurant Association has an Op-Ed on food trucks today.

Check it out here.

As of yesterday in Harris County, 37,589 had requested mail ballots with 17,052 GOP generated and 11,889 by Dems/Gene Green.

Rep. Sylvester Turner endorsed the HISD bonds yesterday.

‘Stros second baseman Rafael Landestoy of course was the leadoff batter in Game 1 of the 1980 NLCS.

We’re at numero 101 losses and poised to surpass last season’s miserable 106.


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