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Unless I’m told otherwise, I’m part of Romney’s 53% that he cares about even though I’m voting against his sorry arse.   He certainly doesn’t think much of a lot of folks.  The most pathetic thing is watching the GOP folks that have been handed the campaign talking points to try to defend his no good sorry arse.

I’m not going to say he’s toast but he sure is getting buttered up pretty good. 

As of yesterday here in Harris County, 26,475 voters had requested mail ballots.  11,000 and change had been generated by the GOP and 6,000 and change by Dems.  In 2008, a little over 67,000 voted by mail with McCain getting 62.7% and The President 36.6% In 2010, over 55,000 voted by mail with Guv Dude getting 57% and Bill White getting 42%.  Stay tuned!

Some reports say former ‘Stro Tim Bogar may be interviewed for the ‘Stros managerial position.  In his playing career, how many teams did he play with?

It turns out yesterday’s Romney video release was sort of payback.  Former President Jimmy Carter’s grandson had a hand in getting the video to the press.  That’s what they get for messing with President Carter.

From the Say it Ain’t So Department:  The ‘Stros were promoting on facebook this weekend’s ‘Stros Legends Weekend Luncheon at The Yard and posted this:

Both Jose Cruz and Joe Niekro will be at next weekend’s LEGENDS WEEKEND! It’s not too late to purchase your tickets to eat lunch with the legends.

Of course Joe Niekro hasn’t been around since 2006 when he left us at the young age of 61.

Here was a comment on the goof:

"Sorry I have to miss that, but I’ll be working in the garage." —- Don Wilson

From 1993-2001, Tim Bogar played with the Mets, ‘Stros, and Dodgers of course.

It’s back to the countdown to numero 100 in San Luis tonight – yikes!


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