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Commentary read a few articles over the weekend about turmoil within the Mitt Romney campaign.  You know, stuff like not mentioning Afghanistan in his convention speech, Dirty Harry’s convention appearance, botched criticism of the Libya attack, and being OK with parts of Obamacare.  Most of the articles included pointed criticism of the Romney campaign from GOP leaders.   This morning on the “Today Show” a talking head referred to these articles as “prebituaries.”   Better them than us I guess.

This year was the 16th season of interleague in the MLB.  How many times has the AL won the most interleague games and how many times has the NL won the most games?

This past Saturday morning Traci Jensen candidate for State Board of Education, District 6 was the guest at a supporter’s home in Katy where a number of Katy area educators dropped by to meet with Traci.  The event was well attended and they all said they would be supporting Traci and asked for yard signs – cool!

Mail ballots will start arriving in mailboxes next Monday.  Are you ready!

The Chron E-Board has a take on teaching abstinence-plus in our schools.  Here is how it ends up:

We applaud the fast-growing number of Texas schools that teach abstinence-plus. Our kids need that program’s extra protection.

Here is the entire E-Board take.

I wonder when the Chron E-Board is going to start rolling out their candidate endorsements. 

I was at The Yard Friday evening and when the team first took the field to start the game a Mariachi tune blared.  I just kind of thought it was in recognition of Latino Heritage Weekend.  Then they played the same tune when ‘Stros pitcher Edgar Gonzalez came to bat.  Apparently that’s his batting and pitching tune.  That’s pretty cool since most players have classic or heavy metal rock, hip hop, country, or salsa and meringue tunes.  This is the first I have ever heard of Mariachi.  BTW:  The tune was “Son de la Negra” that is on the playlist of every Mariachi group ever put together.  You know it when you hear it.

I’m giving the ‘Stros owner some equal time.  Here is a bit of his Op-Ed from yesterday’s Chron ‘splaining the ugly new signage at The Yard.  The sponsors on the signage are part of the team’s effort to donate money back to H-Town parks.  Of course, the ‘Stros will also keep some of the dough.  Here you go:

And yes, as part of our agreement with these generous sponsors, we created new signage at the park recognizing their contributions to the city. As is fitting and in keeping with sponsorship agreements, the names of these businesses are displayed prominently at Minute Maid Park. It’s my conviction that Astros fans need to know the names of the corporate citizens who are giving so generously to help develop opportunities for Houston’s youth.

I don’t have a problem with the ‘Stros keeping some of the dough and some going to parks.  I still think the signs are ugly. 

Here is the entire Op-Ed.

The AL has won the most interleague games 12 seasons and the NL 4 seasons of course.

We took three out of four from the Phillies and are now 8-7 in September and we didn’t have to watch numero 100 at The Yard!  The team has today off then heads for San Luis for three then returns this weekend for the final homie of the season. 


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