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It is a known fact that Traci Jensen’s opponent for State Board of Education (SBOE), District 6 supports abstinence-based-only education programs. 

The lead story in today’s Chronicle starts off like this:

Some Houston-area school districts are shifting away from traditional abstinence-only sex education classes this school year, part of a statewide trend that has prompted concern among some parents that kids are learning too much, too soon about sex.

The Spring Branch and Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District are the latest in the area to adopt an "abstinence-plus" program. Seventh-graders will take the 12-lesson program created by the University of Texas Prevention Research Center in Houston that teaches about contraception, unplanned pregnancy and condom use, in addition to abstinence.

Most of Spring Branch ISD and Cy-Fair ISD fall within SBOE, Dist. 6.  Traci’s opponent, Donna Bahorich, is clearly advancing her political ideology over the interests of the children of  SBOE 6.

Here is the entire Chron piece.

Who says this race isn’t important?

Kuffer has a good take on the SBOE 6 race.  He responded to the campaign memo we sent out earlier this week.  Here is how he sums it up:

There’s no question that Jensen is a strong, well-qualified candidate. There’s no question that her opponent is a wacko ideologue who will make the SBOE a worse place than it already is. Unfortunately, there’s also no question that this district was drawn to elect a Republican. To have a shot at winning, Jensen is going to need to convince a fair number of Republicans to vote for her instead. How many? Well, take a look at the 2008 numbers for the redrawn district. Assuming roughly the same conditions, Democratic candidates face a gap of about 100,000 votes, meaning that some 50,000 Republicans need to be flipped. That’s a tall order. Now, it’s entirely possible that the district has moved in a Democratic direction since 2008 – the comparable gap for a Democrat in the 2004 election would have been closer to 150,000 votes – but there’s still going to be a gap. This is the challenge Jensen faces.

I don’t want to be a buzzkill. I do believe this race can be won, and I think it’s vitally important to work on it. Boosting turnout in this growing and dynamic area is a key component in addition to winning converts. This is an important race, and Traci Jensen deserves your support in it.

Here is the entire Kuffer.

At The Yard last night, ‘the ‘Stros won their 46th game.  When is the earliest date the team has ever won 46 – guessing the year will be good enough?

Don’t forget Traci’s reception next Wednesday!

Here in Harris County, are we now going to refer to election night as the night of the living dead?  The Chron E-Board gets into the dead man voting issue.

Check it out here.

I wonder when Guv Dude will be calling a special election to fill the vacancy in HD 128.  According to the Chron’s Patti Hart, HD 128 State Rep. Wayne Smith got a letter saying he was a goner.

Check out Hart’s piece here.

Speaking of Dude, he put out a press release on the Libya attack.  Doesn’t Dude know that nobody gives a rat’s arse what he thinks about foreign affairs?

HISD Board of Trustees got around to passing an ethics policy last night.  The vote was unanimous.  Now let’s see if it is going to work or see if some folks will try to game the system.

Here is Ericka Mellon’s article.

On June 21, 1998, the ‘Stros beat the Reds 3-1 at the Dome to go 46-28 of course.

Only 13,000 and change were at The Yard to see the ‘Stros come from behind and beat the Phillies.  A line shot foul ball was hit in Commentary’s direction and I reached up for it with my lid and snagged it but it ripped the lid out of my hand.   A nurse from Stonewall County sitting behind me picked it up.  That’s cool.  They are handing out blankets tonight, Los Astros T-Shirts tomorrow, and posters on Sunday.

Junction Jack is a goner but they are letting him stay for the rest of the season.  That’s what we call dead wabbit walking!


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